[images][fan cam link] Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

A recent write-up on Rain’s Chinese movie in a magazine. “When the declining aristocrat meets the civilian prince” indeed… oooh, this film is going to be sooo good! 🙂 (Images credit: 一天减一两 @sina)




In Hong Kong newspapers on 4/25: Korean artists and the universities they attended. Rain and his alma mater KyungHee U. were included. (Image source: Scorpiola Bi @FB)




As some of you may recall, back near the end of March we had an ear to the ground for news about luxury timepiece maker Maurice Lacroix climbing on board the Rain Train with a brand new campaign called Your Time Is Now (not too hard to believe, Rain’s got it down when it comes to making luxury watches look good, he’s sold enough of them already). We also figured that, with their official press conference and event being on 3/30, there was probably no way he’d make it to Basel, Switzerland for it, not with his crazy schedule in China. This Chinese article in the United Daily News looks to confirm just that—that Rain couldn’t be there in Basel due to scheduling conflicts, and that the thongs of reporters who poured into Switzerland to catch a glimpse of him were pretty doggone sad.

Well, hey, the man can only do so much, he ain’t a machine (although he works like one). — S. ^@@^ (Cap credit: ratoka)



Rain going into and coming out of his 2014 Rain Effect Show in Shanghai press conference, back on 4/14. (Fan cam and image credit: summerlinn)

» LINK: 视频: [RAIN]140414 RAIN Effect SC Press at SH IN and OUT, on Youku.



Rain in China on his 12th Debut Anniversary. (Image source credit: 腾讯微生活武汉站 [qq.com’s Wuhan micro-blog] on Weibo. Courtesy of shelleyshea.)



Rain out to dinner in Shanghai (or trying to be, anyway) on 4/20 Y’all know how that goes. (Image credit: idiotcff @weibo) LOL



Unconfirmed: Poster for the 2014 Chengdu Automotive Music Festival in Chengdu, China, slated for this June at the Chinese Modern Pentathalon Events Center. (Image source credit: 大麦网成都站 [damai] @weibo / damai.cn )






Also Unconfirmed: A multiple-star music fest in China, slated for July 1st, that is claiming Rain will attend. (Image source: rainstorm)



~ by Cloud USA on April 26, 2014.

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