[Cloud USA video][history] Happy 12th Anniversary, Rain. New dawn. New day. Feelin’ good.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Dear Rain, on behalf of Terri, the Cloud USA staff, the Cloud USA community and all of your U.S. Clouds, congratulations on your 12th Debut year anniversary! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for you, and we’ll bet you’re feeling good. 😀

(Credit and edit: Naoko [harudoful] @Cloud USA/ CloudUSAChannel @YT. Music:  Michael Bublé, “Feeling Good.” PLEASE support the artist. Thank you!)

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School is in! A walk down Memory Lane…

Written and compiled by Stephe @CloudUSA.org ^@@^


Before Debut

On June 30, 2001, young JiHoon was introduced as a principle dancer (see the “Bi” graphics with his vitals across the screen?).  So cute, how the female host ends with, “And his name… is 비.” A most precious video. We’re still amazed at how he managed to move his body like this. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.” Pop that collar! (Credit: rainmaker / silverstyle)

JiHoon backed mentor JYP up plenty that same year. This fan cam from JYP’s rehearsal for the 2001 KBS Korean Pop Awards is a popular video amongst Clouds and Rain fans. This fan cammer only had eyes for JiHoon…  Do you think she had any idea who he would become?  That she was recording a future mega-icon? 🙂 (Credit: Yoni / Marjorie319)


Singing Debut

Twelve years ago this week, our Magic Feet launched himself into the air, flew off on the journey of a lifetime—with his first album n001 and very first hit “Bad Guy”—and has yet to come down.

Oh, there was turbulence. Team South Korea was prominent in the World Cup a month later and took Korea’s complete attention away from his new single. But rather than giving up and starting a whole new album, 비 came back strong with a second track from n001, “Instead of Saying Goodbye.” Victory! The public belonged to HIM. That album should have been called SMART GUY. Just sayin’.

His first TV appearance as 비 the singer happened on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 on KM show Music Tank LIVE, with him singing “Bad Guy.” (Credit: HeavenlyHeart87)

A few days later, on Sunday, April 28, his first TV appearance in competition as 비 was on chart show SBS Inkigayo, live. Now you know why we celebrate his debut anniversary the fourth week of the month rather than one particular day. 🙂 (Credit: terry820625)



When he became “Rain”

비 officially adopted the English spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of his name, “Rain”, with the release of his second album in 2003, Rain2: How To Avoid The Sun.



From a Bad Guy to 30 Sexy in 12 years

I think that pretty much sums it up, don’t you? 🙂

Rain’s track record is proof that this next decade is going to be one for the record books. You heard it here! ^@@^

2002. (MV credit: RAINY Entertainment / rainyent)

(Images credit: Benamoo / RAIN☆ANGEL / Patzzi.com / Junior Magazine / fanrain / KM TV Korea)



2014. (Teaser and MV credit: 1theK [former LOEN MUSIC])

(Images credit: Cube DC / RAINY Entertainment)






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4 Responses to “[Cloud USA video][history] Happy 12th Anniversary, Rain. New dawn. New day. Feelin’ good.”

  1. Okay I’m waaaaay behind checking out the posts on the blog. I don’t usually watch fan tribute videos because they are usually filled with old pictures that we’ve all seen over and over again.

    But WOW Naoko you have done it again AMAZING video I swear I thought I’ve seen all his videos but a lot of these clips were new to me. It’s like you are his personal videographer the way you can hunt down video and cut and paste it into a piece of art.

    Bravo my dear. It is a thing of beauty.


  2. Its been 12 years and Rain hasnt missed a beat, even when he went to the army for 2 years. Hes sexier than ever. To Rain, I hope u do a concert in the U.S., preferrably New York or Las ,Vegas. Love Ya


  3. It’s amazing to me that his voice is exactly the same as 12 years ago. Love him.😍


  4. *tears of joy* I’m so glad that I found out about this amazing artist a year ago! I’ve never thought that I could be so devoted fan lol But Rain deservs it because he’s absolutely the best, the one and only. And I love him so much!


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