Throwback Thursday 4/10/14

You summed it up exactly right! YoungJae was straight-up a jerk, and Han JiEun was annoying as heck. They both ended up making me love them and gave me more laughs than I could count. The music, right on. Full House is one of those “feel good” shows. — Stephe ^@@^

On the Go Me

This is one of the dramas that got me hooked on Korean stuff and on Rain.


Full House is one of those contract
marriage romcoms. The lead guy is not that endearing and he wasfrustrating most of the time but he kinda redeemed himself in the end. The girl is very cute, a bit annoying in some scenes but generally lovable. Sometimes, when I need a good laugh, I watch my favorite parts. Particularly the last episode when they finally had the guts to tell each other how they really feel. The music was great too. I like the one with “I think I love you” in the lyrics. It makes me grin and gives me that stupid look on my face.
It’s a romcom and we can’t expect depth in this genre. It was shallow and mostly childish. But there are a lot of “kilig” moments and it’s worth…

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~ by Cloud USA on April 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday 4/10/14”

  1. I love that drama.


  2. Got me started too hooked on
    k – dramas Love this drama.


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