[speculation] From Stephe’s desk: Oh noes! Say it ain’t so! Will Rain’s character get jilted? *sniffle*


It’s impossible to guess a subplot of a movie correctly with just a few pictures, so I’m only speculating out loud right now. Truly, I’ve no idea.

BUT, at the same time…

What’s the old saying? A picture says a thousand words? And these pictures, on their own, do not bode well for Rain’s tortured artist character “Xu Chengxun” in new Chinese movie-in-production 露水红颜 (Roots of Dew): Difficult Love. Holy moly!

I was tooling around on Twitter last night and happened upon a link to this April 6 article on the China Daily online news site. The subject title? “网曝刘亦菲《红颜露水》婚纱照 新郎不是Rain.”

Which, translated by Google, says roughly, “Web exposed, Liu Yifei Roots Dew wedding groom is not Rain.”


Was that why Rain’s character looked forlorn and lonely with a single rose in his hand in the image he Instagram’d back on March 17? Was he sad outside because…

(Image credit: 30rain)


…this was happening inside? Check out the flowers in Rain’s pic and the one below, from the China Daily news. (Another cute tie-in: Rain carrying what looks like a single red rose like the one on the official movie poster.)

(Actress Liu Yifei on the Difficult Love set. Images source: China Daily)



Of course, netizens in China were stunned and jumped all on the China Daily pictures like ducks on a June bug, and said, “Hey! That looks like [male co-star] Wang Xuebing in profile! Is the groom actually not Rain???”

There are many possibilities here. Our poor “Xu Chengxun” could indeed get jilted (DIFFICULT LOVE is one of the names of the movie, after all). OR he could race into the church to stop the ceremony and save his woman from an arranged marriage made in hell, after which they run off and elope and live happily ever after. OR the wedding could be a bad dream and one of them wake up from it in a cold sweat. OR the bride could be on her knees having a K-Drama moment, telling this dude to get lost and to please send Rain in on his way out. OR maybe Rain couldn’t be on location when this scene was blocked and the dude at the altar is standing in. LOL

OR our tortured hero could lose the girl early on (due to either outside forces or his own stupidity) and work like a mofo to get her back in the end. OR if they fall in love slowly, as the synopsis says, Liu’s character could be forced into this marriage by her fallen noble family before the lovers realize they can’t live without each other.

Don’t forget—Rain could’ve jilted her and left her crying like a baby and being consoled at the altar (my money’s on this one). Et cetera and so forth.

Oh, how the plot thickens! And as we all know, Rain enjoys himself the most when the plot thickens, hehe. 🙂

Word is this movie will be premiering in China (language: Mandarin) this November 11, so, unfortunately we’ve got a heck of a long time to wait for more pictures to surface sit, stew, and speculate.

Ain’t love grand?

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on April 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “[speculation] From Stephe’s desk: Oh noes! Say it ain’t so! Will Rain’s character get jilted? *sniffle*”

  1. I love your notes and stephe.. I wish you all the luck in the world in this new film to Rain.


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