[images] From Stephe’s desk: Spending part of the evening with “Raizo” on Spike.


To my delight, Ninja Assassin (2009, Warner Bros.) aired on SpikeTV last night.

Like I was saying to my Cloud sisters on Twitter and Facebook at the time, I saw this movie in the theater and have watched it a gazillion times on Blu-ray (which really is the best way), yet I always get silly-excited whenever it comes on actual television. I suppose that’s because it says a lot to me when a local or cable or satellite channel chooses to air it. My dad came to my bedroom door and peeked in, grinning, to make sure I was watching it. “Did you know Rain’s on?” he said. “He’s kicking ass like it ought to be kicked!”LOL (That’s Daddy Cloud for ya.)

As an ex-Shorin Ryu karate student (for four years, in my mid-30s) and martial arts/Black Belt Theater/Sho Kosugi aficionado, I enjoy watching it just for what it is and claims to be—an homage to the fun, late great blood-spouting ninja flicks of the 80s and 90s.

The fight scenes go hard. “Raizo” and his enemies put a whipping on folks like they stole something. Rain’s real blood-sweat-and-tears effort to give everything to that role gave Badassery a brand new face.

Thanks for watching it “with” me last night, y’all. 🙂

Stephe ^@@^

(1280 x 720. Click on images for larger view. Works beautifully as wallpaper.)







 Raise your hand if you holler, “Raizo, nooooooo! Don’t touch him!” EVERY SINGLE TIME you get to this part. LOL! ^@@^


This is what you call Raizo’s “I’ve got your ass but you don’t know it yet” look. Heh. ^@@^





 “Sayonara, suckas.” You know that’s what he was thinking. LOL ^@@^




~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2014.

7 Responses to “[images] From Stephe’s desk: Spending part of the evening with “Raizo” on Spike.”

  1. I absolutely loved Rain in Ninja Assassin. Bia along with other ladies here, and elsewhere I was inspired to try my hand at writing a story based on this movie. Now keep in mind that I am someone who normally breaks out in a cold sweat if I have to write a term paper. I spent six months working on the story I wrote. I find Rain inspiring and yes he was beautiful in that movie. The best part was when he did the hand stand on a bed of nails. I later found out he still has the scars to prove he actually did it. I know he isn’t going to do a sequel, but I sure wish he would! I am looking forward to seeing him on screen in the near future, and I love how he is working really hard to take on new and different projects.


    • If I had my way, there would be a Ninja Assassin 2. But I’m feeling that the time for that may have passed… But you never know. I’m really excited that we’ve got The Prince and his Chinese movie to look forward to, and other Big Screen goodies he’ll surely be sending our way. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Yes my sister Stephe, I watched it. Love this movie


  3. Pretty stranger: “Excuse me could you help me with this?”

    translation – (*I’mma have to kill you sexy one*)

    Raizo = *sexy one*: “Sorry?”

    translation – (*girl are you seriously trying to play Me??*)

    Raizo: (*folding sheets*) “What clan are you from?”

    translation – (*cause I’mma have to kick some “mo” ninja ass*)

    Pretty stranger: “I don’t understand?”

    translation – (*uh oh……..this “ish” just got real!*)


    Big brother: “Little brother let us play like we used to”

    Raizo’s translation – (*big brother, I’m about to ginsu your guts all up in this mofo*)


    Stephe what the heck kinda camera did you use? These pics are seriously HD!


    • Just the camera on my phone (Galaxy Mega). Glad you like! They did turn out good, huh? *verrrah happeh* Hey, love your translations, they be right on, Lol!

      — Stephe ^@@^


      • Dang, I might have to give up my Iphone for that Galaxy? Heck, I’m still working my way around my Ipad. This technology can lend itself to getting on one’s nerves sometimes too! LOL! But, yes….I like!

        Oh and thanks regarding the translations. You know what our favorite ninja was thinking. LOL!


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