[Eng trans][interview] Rain’s special interview on Japanese show FujiTwo Kantame Pop #93. (3/22)

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(Clip courtesy of river_084 @dailymotion)

Heartfelt thanks to our Naoko for her hard work in translating this interview. ♥ ^@@^

Rain’s Special Interview on Japanese show FujiTwo Kantame Pop #93, 3/22/2014
Japanese → English translation: Naoko (harudoful) @Cloud USA
Minute markers: Stephe @Cloud USA
Clip courtesy of river_084 @Dailymotion
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K-POP Interviewer: Masayuki Furuya / Show Host: Announcer: Sayaka / Narrator: Minsil


Rain: Hello, everyone who is watching Kantame Pop. I am Rain.

Narrator: Rain released an album in Korea after four years and he visited Japan last month to hold an event. Rain made a debut as a R&B singer who also dances, produced by Park Jin-Young. He became popular not just in Korea but in Asia and entered Hollywood to perform worldwide. But he suspended those activities because of his military service in 2011. Then he left the military last fall and released a new album this January after four years. He held the event with his new song this time.


Interviewer: It’s really been a long time.

Rain: Hello, everyone. Japanese fans were waiting for me for a very long time. Even though they hadn’t seen me for two or three years, many of them came and I was impressed and grateful for them. My goal was to show to my fans that I hadn’t changed at all.

Interviewer: Your new album is interesting rather than [only] good and I felt you tried something new.

Rain: I “grew up” by making this album or rather I should say I just worked so hard on it. “LA Song” is a song that old and young can enjoy regardless of their age or gender. “30 Sexy” expresses sexy beauty of 30s.


Narrator: Rain will be 32 this year. “30 Sexy” expresses an adult man who leads a partner.

Rain: I think 30s is the best time for men. And I think men at 30s can shine the most for their work or anything.

Narrator: Rain says he was dedicated to make the album as if to reset himself. You can find personal side of Rain more than before, and “Dear mama don’t cry” which was written by him is about feelings for his sainted mother.


Rain: This song is for my mother. And I put my grateful feelings for mothers all over the world [in it as well].

Narrator: Rain lost his mother because of illness before his debut. He once said the following things in an interview of the program.

Rain: This happened in around 1999. I grew up in an affluent family until I entered a junior high school, but we began to lose money at the end of my 9th grade and then finally lost it. There was no money for my sick mother to receive proper treatment. Then finally my mother passed away when I was in the 12th grade. After that, I began to live apart from my father and my younger sister. I started to live in a dance lesson room by myself. I sometimes slept on a floor without futon or meals for five days [at a time]. It was such a cruel and miserable experience. I fought against hunger with my strength and patience. The experience became my motivation, which has made what I am now, and any struggles [now] are nothing or not struggles [at all] when I remember those days.


Interviewer: Korean music has drastically changed for the past few years, and did you directly feel any of those changes?

Rain: It has changed so much. I think styles of the music have rapidly changed but it proves Korean music has developed as KPOP, and now there are many juniors who can lead Korean music.

Interviewer: After they were influenced by you?

Rain: I am not sure about that. There are many who could dance very well from the beginning. [Editor’s note: It is a known fact that many of Rain’s juniors were influenced by his drive, his work ethic, and his distinctive style of dance. They’ve said as much in interviews of their own. Not to mention, if Rain hadn’t been the first idol to push the envelope and rip his shirt off on national television—an act he had to apologize to the Powers That Be for, hehe—there’s no telling how many more years it might have taken for that trend to pop off. 🙂 Stephe ^@@^]


Narrator: It has been twelve years since you made a debut. What is the memorable thing for you through past activities?

Rain: I feel joy in my everyday life. Especially, standing on the stage is the most joyful thing for me. I want to give high quality performances in small venues from now on. If I don’t stick to large venues, I can feel my fans closely. I am willing to act in good dramas and also planning to appear in movies now.

Narrator: His appearance in a Hollywood movie after five years has already decided. Rain is trying so hard to regain his presence as an Asian star.

Interviewer: It will be the first time in five years after Ninja Assassin, and it seems they finished filming the movie, The Prince by director Brian A. Miller. So, do Western people feel oriental attraction to him? I think they decided on the cast regarding that.


Narrator: On the other hand, his relationship with actress Kim Tae Hee during his military service is at the center of attention. His repackaged new album was released last month and it included his self-produced new song, “I Love You”, which was rumored to be his proposal song, however, he explained that he had made the song before serving in the Army and it was for his fans.

Show Host: Since the relationships among celebrities have been open in Korea lately, we can expect his marriage?

Interviewer: I hope they build a good relationship as an ideal couple, but regarding that, he is a super star who has led the idol scene in films and music, I expect him to keep working hard on his career, too.


(Caps by Cloud USA)







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2 Responses to “[Eng trans][interview] Rain’s special interview on Japanese show FujiTwo Kantame Pop #93. (3/22)”

  1. Interviewer….”So, do Western people feel oriental attraction to him?”…..

    Huh?? I think something may be lost in translation here. Western people are attracted to him for a lot of reasons not Just Because he’s Asian.

    For myself, I like that fact that he’s hard working and quite talented with lots of charisma to spare….you don’t have to be Asian to be hard working, talented and have charisma.

    This comment is not a criticism, it’s a clarification from my personal perspective.


  2. yeah! thank you dear Naoko!!!


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