[info][Overseas fans] Second Recruitment of Rain’s Official Fan Club: New term, 9th Cloud.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


As promised, the Korean Cloud (Rain’s official fan community that was begun and sanctioned by him and is recognized by RAINY Entertainment) has opened its doors again with a second membership drive for those who missed the first 9th Cloud drive back in January.

The recruitment period lasts from today until April 5, 2014. Please see the notice posted by the Overseas Fan Coordinator/Cloudmaster @The Cloud Notice Board.

IMPORTANT: During the January membership drive, some fans had problems with getting their $32. to go through Paypal to the Overseas Fans Coordinator in one payment. » YOU CAN READ ABOUT THAT HERE. If that turns out to be the case again, simply use the same solution we did then—try dividing your payment into three separate transactions. If that doesn’t work, do let us know so that we can help you out.

PLEASE read the requirements below carefully before you act, and if you wish to join Rain’s official Cloud family, act sooner rather than later. Thanks!

» Our Cloud USA instructions on how to register as a user of The Cloud: Rain Official Fan Community is HERE for those who need it.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


[Overseas] Second Recruitment of Rain Official Fan Club 9th Cloud

Posted by: huhuhuhu

*Recruitment period: 2014.03.27-2014.04.05

*Admission qualification: All fans who love Rain

*How to join: After membership fee has been paid to the designated account, please send your application email to raincloudworld@gmail.com with the following information:


Subject: 9th Cloud Membership

Content: Name, Cloud ID, Country, Birth date (e.g. 25 June), Email address, Shipping Address, Contact Telephone number

*Membership fee: US$32 net by PayPal (please remit net amount. If you don’t have this option, please remit US$34 to cover the paypal charges)

*PayPal account: heidi.shanghai@hotmail.com

*Membership period: From after 9th Cloud application and payment has been made, until the recruitment of 10th Cloud.

*Fan Club benefit:

° Provision of official fan club membership card.
° Upgrade to full regular member at the Cloud official fan site with provision of differentiated information.
° Priority application for fan meeting and priority admission (if a fan meeting is organized during 9th Cloud period)
° Priority entrance at public broadcast programs (as agreed with the organizer) (However until 8th Cloud period is over 8th Cloud will have priority entrance)

Matters of attention when joining

• You must first become a member at the Cloud official websitebefore you can apply for 9th Cloud membership
• Please make your payment first before you submit your application. Your application should include proof of payment and date of payment.

Matters of attention when making PayPal payment

• Please write on your subject line 9th Cloud Membership Fee and provide your full name, your Cloud ID, and your country in your message.
• Please remember to choose personal payment and select to pay all charges so that the net amount is received. If you don’t have this option please pay US$34 to cover the paypal charges.
• If you prefer payment via banks in Hong Kong or China please email to raincloudworld@gmail.com for further information.

Other matters

• Please keep your proof of payment as it will be proof of your membership status until a membership card is provided.
• When you submit your application, please make sure you provide correct shipping address and contact telephone number to avoid mis-shipping of membership cards.
• You will not be able to join the Fan Club again if you choose to withdraw after your application.
• Membership fee cannot be refunded after application is finished.
• Your name will not appear in the membership list if you only made payment without submitting an application or vice versa.

Protection of Personal Information

All information submitted will be used solely for 9th Cloud membership information purposes, and will not be released outside for any other purposes.


~ by Cloud USA on March 27, 2014.

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