Fangirl Confessional: Forever Jung At Heart

Michele, there is nothing wrong with you giving G.O some support if you so desire. The guy has so much talent and certainly deserves it… even Rain saw that and handpicked him for MBLAQ, did he not? You’ve made your respect and love for RAIN quite clear. You joined the 9th Cloud and have shown by your actions and deeds who your No. 1 Man is! Adoration for his junior eagle brother doesn’t take away from that, IMHO. 🙂 — Stephe ^@@^

The Fangirl Lane

GO and Rain

I think I am suffering from “Double Jung Syndrome.” You know that uncontrollable and feverish urge to love on two Jungs at once? Yes, I am here to set the record straight on my fan girl affliction mostly because I have been living with the fear of being ostracized by the Cloud (Rain’s fans are called ‘Clouds’) community for showering my love, affection and attention on another Jung besides Jung Ji Hoon – Jung Byung Hee (also known as G.O, main vocalist for MBLAQ).

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~ by Cloud USA on March 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Fangirl Confessional: Forever Jung At Heart”

  1. ^_^ I completely understand. However, my love not only extends to G.O. but to Lee Joon oh hell, all of MBLAQ. While Gackt, T.O.P and Seungri tend to run in my main loves the one who will always stay first and eternal in my heart is Rain, what I feel for him is beyond love. ^_~


  2. hi. i undeerstand what you feel, liking the Jungs. Actually I am also a big fan of Rain. Ilove him. and now with G.O. whatever Rain does or whatever he creates, I love them all. when he formed MBLAQ. I fell in love with the Group because they are Rain’s creations. I see 5 little Rains. But as the time passes by, the MBLAQ showed their real talents. they don’t forget their mentor (Daddy Rain). But among the 5 boys, G.O is my bias.


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