[images][poster ads] Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Unconfirmed for 3/30, but oh-em-gee. What if? Another luxury timepiece brand out of Switzerland might be coming on board the Rain Train… time will tell! 🙂 (Image source: Scorpiola Bi @Facebook)



Rain chillaxing at Shanghai Three on the Bund restaurant, over the weekend on 3/18. (Images credited as tagged. Tip: Scorpiola)



Fan photos of Rain on his way to Shanghai via Incheon Airport, back on 3/11. (Images credited as tagged. Tip: Scorpiola)



A 2014 Rain Effect Show in Beijing promotional event held in China by HS Media. (Image credit: hsmedia @weibo)



As we understand it… Rain in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, in Korea, on the 18th. (Image credit: @ditto_oo)




It is said that Rain will be attending (and possibly performing at) this year’s QQ Awards in China on 3/27. Good gravy—at least he’ll already BE in China for his 2014 Rain Effect Show in Beijing the next night (3/28), and hopefully it’s only a short hop over to Malaysia for Twin Towers @live on the 29th. If the Maurice LaCroix press con (above) is for real, he’ll be in Switzerland on the 30th?? AND he’s filming a movie at the same time. Makes me tired just thinking about it! Reminds me of the summer of 2010 when he was ZEPPing in Japan, filming Fugitive, and filming CFs for SK Telesys all at the same time, yikes! (Image credit: As tagged. Source: y.qq.com)



It’s common knowledge now that the 2014 Rain Effect Show in Beijing is coming up on 3/28…

2014RainEffectShowInBeijingbanner…and now there is a poster ad for a 2014 Rain Effect Show in Shanghai on 4/20 which, as far as I can tell, is unconfirmed. But then, I’ve been offline for several days, so if I see anything confirming it as I traipse across the Rainiverse, I will surely let y’all know. (Image source: wxiaoyouzzt @weibo / 228.com.cn)


~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2014.

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