[interview][Harper’s Bazaar Men Style] Rain: The Influence Behind The Growth. (3/4)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

That’s right, Rain. Show them how a world star does it.


» You can see Rain’s interview (Rain:影响力背后的成长) in Harper’s Bazaar Men Style magazine’s March 2014 issue in Chinese HERE.

If a full English translation comes available, I’ll bring that to you in this post. ^@@^

Brief English summary by Scorpiola Bi @Facebook:

In one of the Q&A in Rain’s interview in 芭莎男士(Bazaar Men China March 2014 issue), Rain talked about his future plan. He said he would focus more on movies in China, focus more on TV dramas in Korea but wouldn’t give up on music, and he mentioned his next album probably will be his debut album in USA, wanted to give a try in a more international market. Hollywood and Chinese directors reached him recently, so he would go step by step in movies, continuing the goal he set before he enlisted in the military, wanted to film good works and do well in Hollywood movies, also wanted to work with Chinese directors and artists in the future.”

~ by Cloud USA on March 9, 2014.

3 Responses to “[interview][Harper’s Bazaar Men Style] Rain: The Influence Behind The Growth. (3/4)”

  1. I’ve known him to say before that he’ll do a US singing project. So I’m not going to be overly thrilled until I find he’s on his way here to work on it. I hope he can work with Pherrell, that would be awesome….


    • I’m with you on that Patrice. I’ll get excited when I see more “tangible” evidence of him making moves on other U.S. projects. I don’t get excited about words like “probably.” SMILES……………

      “Love” you still Honey Bi….always!


  2. I am glad to read that Rain will continue to make music. I am excited to hear he will be doing some work in the U.S. Looking forward to seeing what kind of work he will be involved in in Chinese cinema.


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