[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – Love Story (10/19/2008)

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer


As mentioned in my previous post in this series, Rain returned to the Inkigayo stage with a comeback special in October of 2008, and did so with a forceful vengeance serving up a hearty plateful of raw and explosive sexuality with Rainism. He also brought along the tender and very plaintive Love Story, which was (no doubt) on the opposite end of the spectrum, yet mighty powerful all unto itself.


The first single from Rainism was actually Love Story and is perhaps my most favorite Rain song yet. Yes, I go through my stages of cracking out on various of his songs at any given time. I went on a Chajayo bender once for about a week (such a funky jam). But Love Story is my constant. And it never fails to wreck me each and every time I watch it OR listen to it, for that matter.


Rain had already been making the rounds with both Love Story and Rainism before he came to Inkigayo.  Where  Rainism is basically shouting “I’m THE MAN!!,” Love Story is achingly pleading, “I was your man and I still want to be your man, please let me be your man again.” The dichotomy of these two songs is evident. The fact that Rain released them both as singles, brilliant.

This song literally rips my heart out, throws it against the wall and smashes it to shreds. So. Very. Powerful.

I have watched so many versions of Love Story and I think one of the reasons it shakes me to my core is that it is always filmed with the camera taking liberty of moving in very close to his face and him deeply and intensely looking into the lens. This version is no exception to that effective Rain tactic. He is so intent on telling his story almost as if he is singing to us fans, imploring us to stay and love him. His lyrics say a lot, his eyes say so much more.




Inasmuch as Rain is a pretty solid actor and those skills do come in handy when performing on the musical stage such as this, he need not call upon those skills here to convey the depth of hurt and subtle rage (love when he grabs his tie and violently loosens it) these lyrics bring him to. No, I get the feeling he lived what he singing here.




I also found a short pre-performance interview. It is not subbed but you can still get the gist of the conversation. When the MC asks Rain to show us a little of that Rainism choreography, Rain shyly obliges and then seems to literally blush afterwards. RAIN!! How in the world can you go from singing about a magic stick that can make a body shake to THAT?

Love this man.♥



[Video credit: CGirlsxRain]

~ by Michele on March 2, 2014.

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  1. Love the song still.


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