[images][fan cams] Running Man Australia check: Rain filming in Melbourne, and a Brisbane revisit. (2/25) (2/24, 23)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^



2/25/2014. Looks like a showdown at the OK Corral or something, haha. But let me just say they were rollin’ in style. 🙂 If those crowds had decided to get froggy and jump, NO way would that security detail have been able to hold them back, and you can see that quite clearly on their faces. Yikes.

I don’t know the cast and guests are able to concentrate on the rules and play the games to win without stomping all over folks and getting thrown off-track. The fans must be having the time of their lives, though. Go teams, go! Go, Rain, go! 화이팅!! ^@@^

Leaving Ripponlea Estate in Melbourne. (Fan cam credit: Sarawrrrx)

Sarawrrx’s YouTube comments:

Running Man departing Ripponlea Estate in Melbourne on Day 2 of filming.
Car 1: Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kang Gary
Car 2: Kim Jong Kook, Rain, Song Ji Hyo
Car 3: Kim Woo Bin, Haha (Ha Dong Woon), Lee Gwang Soo


2/24/2014. Oh, lord! Rain and Kim JongKook under siege! Oh, lord. It scared me to look, yet I couldn’t look away! Gah. ^@@^ (Fan cam credit: jessicaexo)

Well, they’re alive. Gah. (Fan cam credit: Denisha m)

» LINK: Rain and Gwangsoo filming at Sovereign Hill, by rnosel @Instagram.

» LINK: Rain flinging that hair, filming in Melbourne, by rnosel @Instagram.

(With Jihyo riding in the back. Image credit: motnapat @Instagram)


(Images credit: Bebot S / jlink27 @Instagram)



(From 2/24…)



(Images credit: showaiko @Instagram)



(From 2/24…)


(Images credits and sources: RAIN☆ANGEL / Fans as tagged)







A look back at 2/24.

» Instagram video by eduardyy. (Rain and KJK)

» Instagram video by _cindygonzales. (Rain and KJK)

» Instagram video #2 by _cindygonzales. (Rain and KJK)

» Instagram video #3 by _cindygonzales. (Rain and KJK)

(Images source credits: Fans as tagged)



2/23/2014.  For the ever-diligent “비garoo”, a papa’s work is never done. ^^ 😀 ^@@^ (Images credit: Fans as tagged / RAIN☆ANGEL)




~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2014.

2 Responses to “[images][fan cams] Running Man Australia check: Rain filming in Melbourne, and a Brisbane revisit. (2/25) (2/24, 23)”

  1. All I have to saying when looking at the video is WOW that is some crazy going on with the fans,LOL!!!!!!!! I understand them being excited and all but they need to calm down a couple notches,


  2. Wow….these fancams….OMG. Those kids are frickin crazy. I understand being excited and all…BUT…..Wow.
    You know, there’s an old Southern saying….”Act like you’ve got the sense your Mama gave you.” *Kekekekeke* Honey, let some good old Southern Baptist church sista get a “holt” of’em. They’ll pipe that “ish” down with a quickness. My church going Southern Clouds know, little old church ladies….Do Not Play.
    Kekekeke….I crack up just thinking about it. LOL!


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