[images][fan cams] Running Man Australia check: More filming from Brisbane, and a Melbourne update. (2/23, 2/24)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I’ve got three words for you. PANDEMONIUM in Brisbane. Yes, Running Man, you, all of your cast, and your guests are very popular Down Under! 🙂

At Brisbane Airport. (credit: Xtremee / Grace)

» LINK: Youku video of Running Man filming, by psycho.

» LINK: Instagram airport video by vampireshinki.

» LINK: Instagram airport video by dcyj.

Game time filming. (credit: JnrChiaachen1213)


2/23/14. The crew is now in Melbourne, and Brisbane was nothing compared to that, believe it or not. Yesterday, there was a mix-up of locations and such bedlam in Melbourne (not everyone was out of control, but a lot of them were, so much to where the police were overwhelmed) and it turned so dangerous that the crew stayed hidden away off the street (quaking in their boots, I’ll bet) and there’s now a lock-down on any information concerning the shooting locations. ^@@^

(Image credit: Running Man 런닝맨 @Facebook / as tagged)


2/23/2014. @M_aa_33, who was on the scene, tweeted: Everybody went crazy..very low hope of running 😦 … She was right. They were begging people to leave the premises. ^@@^ (Image credit: @M_aa_33)


2/24/2014. Pictures are beginning to pour in from Melbourne, and things seem to be going a little better today. Whereas yesterday, Rain was paired up with Gwangsoo (the Blue Team!), today he’s paired up with one of my favorites, Kim JongKook (the Strong Team, muscles plus muscles!)

The RunningFansSydney Twitter (via @kkimlam, through a translator) has reported that the overcrowding is ruining the shooting schedules because, simply, nothing can be filmed properly with throngs overrunning both the rumored locations and the real locations. On top of that, there is a language barrier that makes it hell to actually secure alternate locations in a timely fashion. RM is grateful for the fan interest and attention, but money and time are being compromised now. Hopefully RM can get all the footage they need to air the show and no one gets hurt, especially the crew, guest stars, and the fans who are trying to behave in the midst of everything. ^@@^

(Image credit: Running Man 런닝맨 / as tagged / @walkinginame / kyuwifedme / @KimJongKookPHL / @cindytrann / @Cjammm)









( ↓ ↓ ↓ Image source: @KimJongKookPHL)


( ↓ ↓ ↓ Jihyo of Running Man and Rain. Image credit: @JihyoFanClub)






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4 Responses to “[images][fan cams] Running Man Australia check: More filming from Brisbane, and a Melbourne update. (2/23, 2/24)”

  1. This is a great show, my daughter and I watch it all the time. Nice that RainRain is on it. It is a very popular show all over


  2. Reblogged this on Ariela Dionisio Blog and commented:
    Even Though they’re not coming to Sydney, just seeing all the fancams and all the updates makes me feel like I’m actually there fangirling, hardcore fangirling over Rain and Woo Bin and Shouting “UNNIE!!” to Song Jiyo whenever she would turn at my direction and also shout “JONG KOOK YOU’RE HOT!” HAHAHAHAHA!


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