[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – With U (10/15/2006)

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

WY2If you are having a bad day, this performance will chase all the blues away, I promise. ^^

After an explosive and very successful 2004, Rain did not return with a new album until October of 2006. Nevertheless, he had himself a busy 2005 working on his 4th album, Rain’s World, and being cast as Park Il Sun in Chan Wook Park’s ah-mazing off-beat and dark romantic drama, I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay [released in December 2006].

Cyborg 2

[Image credit: yeppuda.com]

The Inkigayo stage welcomed him back on October 15, 2006, the day after Rain’s World was released, and he proceeded to tear it up retro-style with the light and truly infectious With U, a veritable throw back to the glorious sounds of the 70’s. Seriously, the Bee Gees would totally dig on this tune in a big way!


What? What?!




I love Rain for a myriad of reasons. But I absolutely adore and appreciate his love for the retro in just about everything, especially in music. He is SO well-versed musically and is not afraid to throw it all back to a time when he wasn’t even yet born. The man loves music and never fails to take a retro style, freshen it up, and sprinkle it with Rain!

And, the man can take casual wear and make it look so sexy – right?! Give him a down parka, tank top, a baseball cap, and some sweats and this is what you get. Oh yeah, the outfit would not be complete without his best accessory yet: his smile.





The interplay with the baseball cap to the beat of the song makes its return much to the delight of the happy squealing fans. We can all collectively agree that Rain’s cute and playful antics are what continue to endear him to us over and over again.

Even though there were three singles released from Rain’s World (With U, I’m Coming and In My Bed – try not to read that all in one full swoop or you may need a cold shower), it was With U he brought to the Inkigayo stage. Happy and upbeat, Rain’s bold lyrics of hope and optimism continue to assure me that no matter how many times he has been knocked down in love or left broken-hearted, in the end he somehow still believes in love and how it will ultimately conquer all. He makes me believe that anyway. ♥

He’s so romantic, isn’t he?





[Video credit: KiRi MaRu]

~ by Michele on February 21, 2014.

5 Responses to “[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – With U (10/15/2006)”

  1. OMG!! You captured these pics from my video :))
    I love ZooYork so I gonna tell you that Rain uses that cap on his It’s Raining Tour Concert too :))

    Btw I still keep 4 yoozork caps now :)))


  2. Hi Michele !!
    Je suis d’accord avec toi , j’adore cette perf !!
    Et quand je suis un peu déprimé j’écoute cette chanson et la sa repart !!
    Bien que Mister rain m’aide beaucoup a aller de l’avant ^_^
    Merci pour le travail et les commentaires , qui sont ce que l’on ressent aussi .


    • English Translation:

      “Hi Michele!!
      I agree with you, I love this performance!
      And when I am a little depressed I listen to this song, and it (my depression) is gone again!
      Although Mister Rain helps me a lot to move forward, ^ _ ^ thank you for the work and reviews, which are also notable.”

      Terri :-}


      • Thanks, Terri!

        Hi Lyly! Thank you for your kind comments and I am truly happy you are enjoying the series!! Rain is definitely fun to write about and I enjoy trying to find those small nuances in his performances that set each one apart even though it is the same song!! I honestly believe he makes a conscious effort to change it up in some small way. The mark of a good entertainer!

        I think he has the power to pull anyone out of depression…especially THIS song! Out of depression and straight into hot and bothered!

        I am not finished with the series and plan to take it all the way through to Rain Effect!! Thank you for visiting the blog and for kind thoughts!


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