[full clips][interviews][Eng subs] Let’s go on a Star Date with Rain.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

KBSWorldEntWeeklyStarDateLogo_CUSAAs you all may recall, people on the streets of Cheongju were thrilled out of their minds when Rain showed up there, completely out in the open, for one of KBS’s (Korean Broadcasting System) most popular entertainment news segments, a “guerrilla” interview.

Many celebrities have made their happy fans even happier by participating in this segment over the years, some of them multiple times, and Rain is no exception.

KBS World, KBS TV’s international broadcasting service, usually re-releases these “guerrilla” interviews several weeks after the original air date on Korean television with English subtitles and calls them “star dates.” These Star Dates are not only broadcast across the world in multiple countries, but are also available on KBS World’s YouTube channel.

Rain is no stranger to Star Dates. He’s had many, and if we’re lucky, his stint with KBS in Cheongju will become another one.

In anticipation of this, let’s revisit some of Rain’s Star Dates from the past four years.

GREAT stuff! Enjoy!

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

(All clips source credit: KBSWorldTV @YT. All caps by Cloud USA / SOOMPI / Crunchyroll. Images credit: KBS / DC Inside / various media / as tagged)

December 2010. This was on the streets of Myeong-dong, during a lunar eclipse and the holiday season, and within days, Rain would guest-appear at the JYP Nation Teamplay concert on Christmas Eve AND his own ADIEU2010! With Rain concerts on New Year’s Eve. The absolute cutest thing that happened was a mom handing her baby girl to Rain and the infant having a Hold On Dude, I Don’t Know You response. kekeke 😛 ^@@^




September 2011. This was during Rain’s final concert stop, in Seoul, during the Rain The BEST Show Korea Tour. He would be enlisting in the ROK Army a mere three weeks later. ^@@^




June 2010. KBS came along during Rain’s trip to Los Angeles as a 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominee. My birthday wish came true when Rain won the award live on national television. The very first face of MTV Biggest Baddest Badassery hailed from South Korea, yussssss! ^@@^

» GO TO: Our Rain Biggest Badass Media Blog Page.




(from Adam Rosenberg’s live commentary on the MTV Movies Blog, 6/6/2010)

May 2010. This is one of my favorite interviews to date, filmed during Rain’s Back To The Basic mini-album comeback in April and May of 2010. A really nice personal introspection of his career, for sure. ^@@^

what a cutie 7

what a cutie 2

what a cutie

what a cutie 4

April 2011. This is one of those things that will never be forgotten. KBS came along with Rain on his trip to the NYC as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. His destination—the TIME Gala extravaganza at Lincoln Center. ^@@^

(Images credit: Rain / @29rain / @myjanggun. Twitter caps credit: Cloud USA)




Rain on the Plane



October 2010. Ah! Rain and his phenomenal cast mates film portions of The Fugitive: Plan B in the Philippines. And as you can see, The Man was tanned and lean. Yesssss, he was. ^@@^




arain fugitive1




December 2010. Eventually, the day came when it was time to film The Fugitive: Plan B’s 20th and final episode in South Korea and wrap everything up with a cast party. ^@@^





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  1. Wow how do you know when the star dates are actually recorded?


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