[article] Singer Rain To Promote New Album in Beijing March 28

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Busy, busy man!! Rain, if you are listening….how about promoting that new album here in the US?? ^^

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[Image credit: Cube Entertainment]

The Korea Times 2/19/2014 – by Kim Ji-Soo

“Singer Rain to Promote New Album in Beijing March 28”

Rain will hold a showcase to promote his sixth studio alum “Rain Effect” in Beijing next month.

Cube Entertainment announced Wednesday that he will hold the “2014 Rain Effect Show in Beijing” at the National Gymnasium on March 28. The singer’s agency said that they are expecting around 9,000 fans to attend.

This will be Rain’s first official album showcase since its release on Jan. 2. The singer, Jung Ji-hoon, topped domestic charts with “30 Sexy” and “La Song” from the album.

The tickets for Rain’s showcase will open worldwide on Feb. 28.

“Rain Effect” is his first album since his discharge for compulsory national military service last year. The singer and actor, who is dating actress Kim Tae-hee, has been actively promoting his new album and filming the Hollywood movie “The Prince.” He has also been cast as a guest star for the popular variety program “Running Man” that will be shot in Australia later this month.

~ by Michele on February 19, 2014.

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