[UPDATE] Korea Bound: Rain’s 2013 Holiday Memories Binder

DSCF0840~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

UPDATE:  Clouds, the binder has been delivered safely to Rainy Entertainment in South Korea.  Of course, Rain is in Australia right now, filming “Running Man,” so it will be a little while before he will actually be able to see it himself.  Still, I just wanted you all to know that it has arrived.  Many thanks to all of you who participated in this special project.  I hope he will be pleased.  Terri :-}


Yes, Clouds.  You read that right.  Rain’s 2013 Holiday Memories Binder is finally on its way to Rain.  I shipped it out today, via FedEx’s World Shipping Center near Hartsfield International Airport.  The package’s delivery has been prearranged with Rainy Entertainment.  So, you may rest assured that it will be placed in Rain’s hot and not-so-little hands as soon as he stops moving long enough to receive it.  🙂

Below is a slideshow of the contents of the binder, so that all of you (especially its contributors) can enjoy them as well.  All of the pages were printed out in color and on high quality photo paper.  The photos look terrific, but in real life the binder looks SO much more impressive.  It really does.  I think Rain will be pleased.

I hope you are too.

Terri :-}

If your name is Jung Ji-Hoon…STOP!



After all, you don’t wanna spoil your holiday surprise, now do ya?

*glancing around suspiciously…*

*waiting for a few minutes to make sure he’s gone…*

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FedEx World Shipping Center

~ by Cloud USA on February 18, 2014.

14 Responses to “[UPDATE] Korea Bound: Rain’s 2013 Holiday Memories Binder”

  1. Very nice, job well done Clouds.


  2. The binder is awesome! I love it so much! Can I take part in next time or is it for CloudUSA members only?


  3. You know, I had forgotten I put a card in there. LOL. It’s very nice. I’m sure he’ll really like it. He had better! (just kidding……SMILES……sorta)


  4. it’s a beautiful binder


  5. AWESOME!!! The binder looks so beautiful, I think Rain is going to love it! there’s so much details in the pages, they look colorful and unique! That’s the love we feel for this man!! Very proud of being a part of this project! Thanks for your hard work girls! 😀


  6. I waited to see the binder until I got home tonight. A lot of love went into creating such a beautiful binder. What a great idea. Thank you for doing such great work. If only one got a glimpse of his reaction upon viewing it. (I can dream lol!)


  7. The binder is beautiful! Terri and Stephe…you guys did a great job selecting the binder and putting it together. Thank you for all your hard work. The gift card and book mark was such a thoughtful idea. All the pages from the Clouds were wonderful…so colorful and heartfelt! You guys make me proud to be a Cloud.


  8. As usual a great job. You all are the best for the best.
    Love yall!


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