[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – I Do (12/26/2004)

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

IDO6The Inkigayo stage was not going to close 2004 without one more visit from Rain.

Clearly exhausted, but still full of presence and charisma, Rain brought a second single from his It’s Raining album to the stage with I Do on December 26, 2004. It was definitely less fierce than the in-your-face intensity of It’s Raining, but is filled with such delicious sweetness, thus proving that Rain was (and still is) so well-rounded musically.



I Do has perhaps some of his smoothest vocals ever, and it was the perfect second single to counter the aggressive It’s Raining.  It also proved to be an Inkigayo winner. (Like we had any doubt!!^^)



Rain’s deep husky tones are always a mainstay in this song, but I have to say that his voice seems to take on an even richer dimension in his exhaustion. Ever the consummate showman, Rain delivers a sweet performance of this very sweet song. He is playful, engaging, and bursting with charm.



Although I have seen the dance break to this song have more pop in other performances (including the absolutely outrageous live versions at Zepp Tokyo), he still manages to keep it tight, perfectly synced, and gathers energy and momentum from what I believe are the loving fan chants from his Clouds. I love how he grabs that hat, loses it, but somehow manages to get hat back in hand in order to get it onto his head to finish the break.  And he does it with a chuckle and smile!

That well-oiled machine of a dance crew was on top of that!

 Yes, that’s incredible teamwork and synergy. ^^



I also came across an additional video announcing his win with I Do, his acceptance of the award, and a final offering of the song as the show closes.

He is ever-so humble, endearing, and sweet. I have to ask, does anyone else fight the urge to hug him to bits like I do??!

Michele @cloudusa.wordpress.com/CloudUSA.org


[Video credit: manloverain8]

~ by Michele on February 16, 2014.

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