[fan cam] Rain arrives at JFK International Airport in New York. (2/12)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Nikoncap4-15As you all know by now, Rain and best buddy BbaekGa are in the States for a magazine photo shoot, which isn’t that unusual, really.

Some projects that we know BbaekGa professionally photographed in the past are:

Rain’s 24Hours “The Day” (2008) on Rain’s IPTV channel, Rain’s Nikon images in the Philippines(2010), and Rain’s Esquire spread in Paris (2011).

Two things I’ve got to say or I’ll bust. 🙂

1) Good lord, Terri, I never thought we’d hear Rain’s SKT W-Phone jingle/song again in our lives. W-W-hot! ㅋㅋㅋ

2) A funny story was told by one of the fans who got the pictures and footage we’ve seen, @ElmoKwon. Apparently, once they got outside, BbaekGa was surrounded by fans who wanted autographs and pictures (he’s not just a great photographer, he a well-known member of longtime K-Pop group Koyote), and Rain shouted “The car is here!” a tad bit impatiently. ROFL! Now, now, Rain dear. Don’t be mad. You know you’ve got Clouds running amok every time you even look like you’re about the leave the house.^^ 😛 ♥

(Fan cam credit: Honghom @Yoku / courtesy of Rainscloudthailand @YT.)

(» You can see images from Rain’s arrival in our previous post HERE. Image credit: 小白Honghom @weibo)


~ by Cloud USA on February 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “[fan cam] Rain arrives at JFK International Airport in New York. (2/12)”

  1. Rain…….don’t hate boo…Lol! I’m sure some Clouds will “run up on you” real soon. You’ll get your turn. *SMILES*……….


  2. If he just arrived today, I hope he doesn’t have to leave today because the snow is very heavy here in New York and I can’t imagine that there will be any flights out of here anytime soon.


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