[article][tweets abound] Rain to Release Repackaged Album of ‘Rain Effect’.

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Well, he’s left the States now, but pay that no never mind. After all, who can keep up with the man? (no one LOL) 😉


MWave / enewsWorld 2/4/2014 — by Kim JiYeon / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain to Release Repackaged Album of ‘Rain Effect’


Rain will be releasing the special edition of his 6th full-length album Rain Effect with a new title song, I Love You.

After receiving much praise and popularity for LA Song released on January 2, Rain will be releasing a ballad title I Love You through the upcoming album. The new song, written by Rain himself, will be about the sweet confessions of a man to his loved one.

The repackaged album will also include 30 Sexy Remix.

The album will be released on music sites on February 7, and will be available in stores starting February 11.

Meanwhile, Rain is currently in the States for his schedules related to Hollywood film The Prince and other meetings.

Photo credit: Cube DC

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Cube Entertainment tweeted about the release of the Rain Effect repackage on Monday… ^@@^


This information on Rain’s Rain Effect Vol. 6 Repackage (Special Edition) is courtesy of YesAsia North America. As we understand it, there is an additional song included called 사랑해 (saranghae/I Love You), which Rain wrote several years ago, as well as a 64-page picture booklet and a 36-page notebook that will tell Rain’s stories. ^@@^


비 정규 6집 리팩키지 – Rain Effect (Special Edition)

01. Rain Effect
02. 30 SEXY
04. 어디 가요. 오빠
05. 마릴린 먼로
06. 차에 타봐
08. 알아버렸어
09. Dear MAMA Don’t Cry
10. 사랑해 (TITLE)
11. 30 SEXY (East4a Remix)

~ by Cloud USA on February 5, 2014.

10 Responses to “[article][tweets abound] Rain to Release Repackaged Album of ‘Rain Effect’.”

  1. I think this song is for valentine’s day in february,and 1 of 3 title songs


  2. While we are on the subject of Rain Effect…….. I just gotta comment on the lyrics to Superman… ^_^ Every time I listen to that song I grow horns…is it just me or am I the only one who thinks this song is wicked provocative. I really really don’t mind it one bit just so you know…


  3. I thought the same thing about his people releasing the same album with bonus features. I bought both the itunes album a physical one. I was really really thinking about purchasing this one…but then I heard mention of the Zepp concert tour goods.. T_T I’m so far behind. I think I’ll go browse and see if I can purchase something from that.


  4. I feel he is coming out with the repackaged cd too soon. Rain Effect has not been out that long. I think he should of waited at least a couple of months then offered the repackaged cd. Even though I wouldn’t be able to by this one because I bought the first one. It would of just made more sense to me.


  5. I don’t even know what to think about this “repackage” of almost the exact same album with one additional song and a booklet a mere MONTH after his first one was released.

    All I could think to say when I saw the news was, “Really, Rain???”

    I have spent tons of money on CDs that haven’t even arrived yet, and I’m about to spend a fortune to ship the holiday binder to Korea. So, you can better believe, this Cloud will not be buying this overpriced repackaged CD anytime soon.

    I mean, seriously. Who planned this ridiculous event?

    Having said that, I want to clarify that I’m not mad. Just disappointed.

    Terri :-}


    • I think management teams and advisers get a little over zealous sometimes. Somebody thought it would be a bright idea to continue to capitalize on the momentum of Rain Effect. I get it. However, you are asking the same group of fans to purchase from you two and three times back to back to back. Another thing is they market him only to Korean fans primarily…..Still. Korean fans can just hop in the car and go to the store to purchase the CD. If he’s a global star then you can’t forget that you have to market him differently to Western fans when this idea comes up for discussion. You have make sure that whatever ideas you have about re-packaging CDs……the when, the where, the How must be easily accessible and financially attainable for his Western fans as well.

      They also need to seriously work on their timing. We had to re-up our fan memberships in December when most Westerners are going into debt buying Christmas gifts, he released his album the day after New Year’s in both the downloadable and physical versions (most of us bought both versions). On a personal level, I had just paid for his ZEPP concert goods (also in December) and the bank transfer cost damn near as much as the items I was purchasing.

      Bottom line….Rain’s management needs to realize there’s a fine line between capitalizing on his popularity after a two year hiatus and “squeezing the crap” out of your fans’ pocketbooks (which I know is not his intent). We are his fans so naturally we will Want to have the extra song but those of us here in the U.S. have already paid DEARLY for Rain products as of late. However, the time span for U.S. fans to be able to purchase these items is way too short. We are working people and it takes time to gather the funds to pay for stuff from overseas.

      BTW, I’m not upset either…just feel they need to know these things.


  6. Salut
    Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec bialamode , quand j’ai appris hier qu’il ressortait le même CD avec les même chansons +1 je me suis dit il se moque de nous , il nous prennent pour des riches !!

    Encore ils auraient rajouter un dvd soit de Zepp Tour , soit des mini concert que l’on a vu dans Rain Effect , j’aurais compris !

    Mais là , un livret qui raconte les histoires de Rain , ( cela peut être bien) mais cela en Coréen , à ce moment il faut le traduire en plusieurs langue pour les pays ou l’album va être vendue , cela peut être intéressant .

    Moi aussi j’espère que des gens vont l’acheter , désoler Rain ce n’est pas contre toi , mais avec Cube vous avez mal jouer la donne !

    Sinon bonne journée a tous les nuages ^_^ Et à Notre Rain aussi -_^



    • Lydie,

      Comme vous, je vais attendre et voir ce que le nouveau CD reconditionné ressemble avant je de l’acheter. Si le livre n’est pas traduit en anglais, ce ne sera pas bon pour moi. Je vais voir.

      J’espère que le CD est sur ​​iTunes, de sorte que je pouvons acheter la nouvelle chanson. ♥

      Terri :-}


  7. So let me get this straight. Rain Effect was released on Jan. 2 and (as I look at my calendar) today is Feb. 5 (at least it is in Texas). So the first CD has only been out one month and three days (according to my “calculations”) and he now has another edition of the same CD for purchase with an additional song added to the playlist?

    Well, I hope “I Love You” will become a single, as that is the ONLY way I’ll be getting it. I’m a fan true enough, but unlike Beyonce (who I like also btw) I’m not “drunk in love” enough to make a third purchase of the same CD. I’ve already downloaded the album through Itunes, in addition to purchasing a physical CD…..buying another one for one song? Not happening. However, I’m sure many others will and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it immensely. I’m not even mad, just stating the facts from my perspective. Heck, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the wire transfer (the very expensive wire transfer) I had to make to get his Story of Rain concert goods. That won’t be happening again either. LOL. I can at least laugh about that now. Oh well, don’t let me stop the party…….carry on.

    The packaging looks lovely.


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