[quotes][Rain Effect] “Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA… there wasn’t a single location where people didn’t recognize him to be a star.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Please enjoy these quotes about Rain that were recently made by 신천지 (Shin CheonJi), the Mnet producer/director responsible for filming Rain’s reality TV show “Rain Effect”, which aired from 12/19/2013 through 1/23/2014 on Mnet Korea and Mnet Japan.

Shin admits that she was not a fan of Rain’s at the beginning of the show, but did indeed become a fan by the end of it. I have to say we’re not surprised by that in the least because PD Shin isn’t the first person that has happened to, not by a long shot. Pardon the pun, but Rain has that effect on folks and always has, even on people who don’t like him. They experience the real Jung JiHoon instead of the lies that the Korean Media has been shoving down their throats for God knows how many years, and WHAMMO. They’re like, “Oh… okay… wow.”

Welcome to the Rainiverse, PD Shin. 🙂

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org



Original quotes source credit: OSEN / Naver News. (http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LPOD&mid=sec&sid1=&oid=109&aid=0002701455)

English translations from KpopStarz.

All Images credit: Mnet / 신천지

“The only thing that we could do was to follow him around and just throw that on TV unedited. That in itself was a challenge, because Rain is really boring in person. Not his personality, of course. It’s his work – he’s just working constantly. He doesn’t drink much or play games. He just practices, broadcasts, and then goes home. It was so repetitive that we really needed to work on our editing to make it semi-interesting.”

“Rain’s popularity may be higher internationally. Many people were smothering us to the point of shadowing him with a camera difficult. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA… there wasn’t a single location where people didn’t recognize him to be a star.”

“There was one segment by one of his friends that didn’t make it onto the show where his friend called him a ’12-year old kid stuck in a man’s body’. That’s the Rain that I hope people see and love. He’s not a diva, and he certainly doesn’t want to be treated as one.”

“Rain, Rain’s manager, and I were going to Korea while our filming crew decided to stay in the US for additional filming. We were stranded at Atlanta for about 10 hours on the connecting flight to LAX. I know that he was tired because he didn’t get a chance to sleep at all while filming, so I expected him to enter the VIP lounge and take a nap. It was a place that I didn’t have the privilege to enter, so I decided to stick it out outside. Rain didn’t enter the VIP lounge at all but stayed with me for the entire 10 hours. There were no cameras filming him. He did it because he genuinely cared about me, even though I’m really a nobody to him. That’s when I really became his fan.”

— “Rain Effect” PD Shin CheonJi


~ by Cloud USA on February 3, 2014.

9 Responses to “[quotes][Rain Effect] “Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA… there wasn’t a single location where people didn’t recognize him to be a star.””

  1. How sweet and considerate, that’s our RainRain


  2. C’est vrai , je ne sais pas ce qu’il a comme don LOL
    Il a un feeling , qui fait que quand on apprend a le connaitre , on ne peux pas le détester !
    Qu’il reste toujours comme cela !
    Notre Rain au grand cœur ^_^


  3. Tout a fait d accord avec vous , qui ne voudrais pas d’un amie comme Notre Rain ^_^
    Il est tellement attachant !
    Et il sait rester naturel , c’est cela qui fait son charme -_^
    Bienvenue parmis les Clouds PD Shin .



  4. – What a golden heart. May the Lord bless him forever.


  5. That’s why we all love him. His warm nature, great attitude to life, humility and big heart……anyone would be lucky to be his friend!!


  6. Yes, when a person allows themselves to “weed” through all the Bsh_t and really “Look” at the person he is, it’s exactly That which really draws you in. His humanity has Always outshone his celebrity…..always. I know ultimately that is what made me want to follow his career. Good looks and talent aside, he’s like this normal person who just happens to entertain for a living. Not some fake @ss “hold-my-straw-while-I-sip-this-soda…Dawling” kind of star. He just “felt like” a human being not some untouchable star in the sky. Although, in my world he’s still untouchable…..LOL!


  7. Smart, PD. 😛

    Terri :-}


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