[clips] Rain video salad.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Capture credit: sizuku219)

Rain and Mr. Tae JinAh interviewed by YStar News. (Source credit: ystarnews @YT.)


Rain talks about his BiJinAh collab, and OBS News reports on his leaving Incheon Airport on his way to the U.S. (Source credit: OBS / courtesy of mazingga69)


YStar News talks about the score of Rain’s 2014 comeback to the music industry, his movie career, his reality TV show, and his BiJinAh collaboration. (I can only hope they’re talking sense here and being gracious. I’ve never trusted YStar, for good reason. ^@@^) (Source credit: ystarnews)


Mr. Tae JinAh is interviewed by SBS about how the BiJinAh Mashup/Collab came to be. (Source credit: SBSculture @YT.)

The fan made mashup that started it all… LA Song and JinAh-ssi‘s song do go together pretty nicely!^^ (Credit: Jeong HS)


YStar News on Rain’s and Tae JinAh’s harmony in music. (Source credit: ystarnews)

“Singer returned… Rain’s comeback performance (score)?” — ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on January 29, 2014.

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