[Eng trans/CCs][full] Rain Effect, Episode 6 Final: “Please be good to your parents while they are with you.” (1/23)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^



This was the final episode to end all episodes. I could not have asked for more.

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster—one minute, KyuSang and YongDeok were cracking me up, and Rain singing his first FanClub song and the crew doing the motions had me rolling, and the next, Rain had me busting a gut about getting his dogs and his friend eased off the show for becoming more popular than him, and the next, Rain had me crying and thinking about my mama, and the next, Rain had me boo-hooing when he finally came to his breaking point and tried to regain his composure after going through so much…

If there is a Rain Effect Season 2 (if we’re lucky), I don’t see how he can top that. But knowing Rain, top it he will. 🙂

The Natural Concert was an amazing idea, one that I hope he continues to practice when he finally gets the chance to come around the world and see all of his global clouds in their countries. I can’t think of a better way for Clouds and Rain to spend time together than that.

Please enjoy.

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(Source credit: Mnet / courtesy of Ygami Skett. English translation by 화니. Closed captions from that translation by Ygami Skett. Don’t forget to turn on your CCs!)

(Source credit: Mnet / courtesy of wetheridge.)

For those of you who can watch it on Mnet’s YouTube Channel in your countries, here is that video.

For those of you who can watch it on Mnet Korea, that VOD link is here:

» Rain Effect Episode 6. http://mnet.interest.me/tv/vod/159644

(Source credit: Mnet / courtesy of Maclk Đại Bàng)

(Captures credit: RainBiLove2)

English translation to Mnet Rain Effect_Episode 6 [Final episode]

Video up by ratoka : https://vimeo.com/84873993

English translation by 화니.


The final story about Rain begins on January 23, 2014 [the 6th episode]


Rain – the final story.

Natural Concert.


[Producer] : How’s the last day on the show?

[Rain] : It’s kind of a bittersweet thing. Originally I expected people would be able to like the way I show my true colours. Now it’s bitter – sweet..


[Producer] : Please tell me how “Natural Concert” struck you?

[Rain] : First, I am particularly grateful to the show production crew including the director who have given me some ideas about how I can give a concert. It was, quite literally, one of the most impressive concerts.


This is the first time for Rain to hold a live mini concert called Natural Concert for more than 100 fans.


“30Sexy” song.


[Rain]: Hello, I am singer Rain who has a ten-year singing experience. [laughs]


[Rain] : I feel good. Natural Concert will be a honest-to-goodness concert based on song rather than performance for you.

[Fans] : Good!


[Rain] : And, today is my last day of Rain Effect and I’m excited. [laughs] Yes, but what a bittersweet time. [laughs]


[Rain] : I feel the stress falling away already from thinking about – there is no more hidden cameras in my house, and I can swear when I’m angry. [laughs]


[Rain] : Anyway, I hope we can enjoy this concert.

[Fans] : Yeah!


[Rain] : Can you scream? [Fans are screaming]


“Marilyn Monroe” song.


[PD] : Does this reality show meet with your satisfaction?

[Rain] : No, it doesn’t.


[Rain] : I should have revealed myself more straightforwardly. I even wanted to show misleadingly scenes for stimulus-craving audiences, but I find they are not prepared to accept such conditions.


[Rain] : If I get a chance to appear in the show again, I think I can do better to live up to people’s expectations. So I feel something is lacking now.


[Rain] : I have prepared gifts with all my heart for you who have come here despite the cold weather.


Rain has prepared hot coffee and dessert for his fans who almost froze waiting for him outside in the cold.


[Rain]: This is a dessert called Eclair. It is like talking to a brick wall. [laughs] [They are obsessed with eating]


[Rain] : Here is a graph of my life I’ve made.


[Rain] : I was born in 1982. I think my birth itself means that it is pretty much 100 out of 100.


[Rain] : After that, my image was falling to the ground when I grew up being beaten by neighborhood thugs. [laughs]


[Rain] : I was so naive in my childhood. By the way, was I a goof-off? [laughs] How can you say that? [to a fan] [laughs]


[Rain] : When my parents had a mill of their own in my childhood, I had to pitch in with house chores, I found this very hard.


[Rain] : In 1992, this song was very popular those days – ‘Seo Tae-ji & His Boys’ “I Know”.


“I Know” song.


[Rain] : The PDs may be embarrassed by what I am doing. I’m performing on stage, not seeing any cue sheet. I can do what I will with my own. [laughs]


[Rain] : “Kim Gum-mo”s “The Sound of Rain Keeps Me Awake All Night” was also popular at that time.


“The Sound of Rain Keeps Me Awake All Night” song.


[Rain] : In 1997, I won popularity with my friends because I began dancing. Becoming a middle school student, I met “Kim Gyu-sang” and “Baek Seong-hyun”[Baekga]


[Rain]: Those were the dark ages to the three of us. [laughs]


[Rain] : Then, I was chosen as one member of a boy band because I danced very well.


[Rain] : Singing this song “Finding My Dreams” is the last thing I want to do now.



“Finding My Dreams” song.


[Rain] : It was just a fleeting moment of happiness.


[Rain]: In 1998, Koreans’ hearts were frozen due to the IMF cold wave.


[Rain]: In 1998, my mother passed away, and I impecuniously wandered the streets for about two years.


[Rain] : The band broke up, but the important opportunity finally offered itself to view. JYP and I were destined to meet at that time.


[Rain] : JYP selected me to work as a backup dancer for him, and I worked the job for about four years.


[Rain] :After continuing to work as a backup dancer for singer “Park Ji-yun”, I finally made a debut as a singer in 2002.


[Rain] : In 2002, I released my first album. I had a huge hit with the song “Instead of Saying Goodbye.” It was at this point that my singing career really took off.


[Rain] : In 2003, I appeared in a drama called “Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School”.


[Rain] : When I decided to appear in the drama, all were against it.


[Rain] : After the drama, I returned to work as a singer with “How To Avoid The Sun”. I topped the charts for five weeks with the song.


[Rain] : In 2004, I appeared in drama “Full House”. Before appearing in it, I was under a delusion about the drama. I thought that it was a kind of action drama. [laughs]


[Rain] : It turns out I was doing pretty good. [laughs]


[Rain] : In 2006, I was selected as one of Time magazine’s ‘Most Influential People in the World’. That year, movie “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK” starring me won an award.


[Rain] : In 2008, I released Rainism, it got my first break as a producer.


[Rain] : In 2008, I starred in Ninja Assassin.


[Rain] : In 2011, I was selected as one of Time magazine’s ‘Most Influential People in the World again. After that, I joined the army.


[Rain] : I believe you can understand why I mark “?” here. [laughs]


[Rain] : In 2013, I was discharged from the army.


[Rain] : Since then, I had stuck to my job as an actor and singer and producer. The period made me feel like I’m living dog years. I was worried about how well my new album would appeal to the public.


[Rain] : In 2014, I released my 6th regular album. I’m grateful for just working as a singer, and Rain Effect’s success was a great stimulus to me.


[Rain] : Whether anyone would notice, I didn’t know, but I hoped it has a kind of authenticity, and they were drawn to my sincerity.

That’s why my pet dogs “Janguny” and “Sarangy”, my friend “Gwang-min”, my dancer team, and my manager “Sang-hyun” became more famous than me. [laughs]


[Rain] : I was aware of crisis situations which can bring me down. [laughs]


[Rain] : Under the agreement with the production crew, “Janguny”, “Sarangy”, and “Sang-hyun” were edged out of the reality show. [laughs]


[Rain] : And, my new songs were number one on the charts as soon as I returned to the music scene. My success can be attributed to your hard work.


[Rain] : I’m curious to know what will happen to me in 2014.


Singer “Yu Young-jin”s “Her Sweet Smell” song.


Singer Rain and actor “Jung Ji-hoon”.


He never stops challenging the future.


We are curious about how he navigates his life.


His challenge is still in progress.


[PD] : What was it like to appear in Rain Effect?

[Rain] : My private life has had a lot of exposure to the public, while it has endeared me to more fans, building up more credibility between them and me.


[Rain] : It’s a Q&A session! [Wow!!]


[Q] : Which do you like better : Sarangy or Janguny?

[Rain] : I think every child isn’t dear to his parents. [laughs] I like Janguny better than Sarangy because Janguny is more obedient.


When Rain returned home, Sarangy made a mess in the house, which drove him nuts.


While Janguny minds well.


Janguny is the winner.


[Q]: Are you in the mood to keep bird? [laughs]

[Rain] : Me and my fiancee? [laughs] [* bird and “cee” from fiancee are pronounced as “Sae” in Korean. He is joking]


[Rain] : Who was it that questioned this? How old are you?

[A fan] : 21 years old.

Rain flutters his eyelashes at her. [a shout of joy]


[Q] : Please act charming. [laughs]

He acts cute. [laughs]


[Rain] : I am temperamentally unsuited for such an act.


We find his friends and dancers unresponsive. [laughs]


[Q] : Are you a kind of wand-waver? [laughs]

[Rain] : I had to take off my clothes to take a bath. [laughs]

[A fan] : I prefer to see you taking off your clothes. [laughs]


[Rain] : Who do you think is better in dancing, Kyu-sang” or “Yong-deok”? Please show us a dance battle between the two. [laughs]


Expectations are high for the battle.


[Fans] : Please come out to the front!


[Rain] : Introduce yourself, please.

[Yong-deok] : I’m “Kim Yong-deok” living in Yangjae-dong. [laughs]


“Yong-deok”shows off flashy dance movements.


[Rain] : Introduce yourself, please.

[Kyu-sang] : I’m “Kyu-sang” living in Hapjeong-dong. [laughs]

[Rain] : He’s led a dance team that is on a roll these days.


“Kyu-sang” does a funny imitation of “Yong-deok”. [laughs]


“Kyu-sang” is dancing to drum music.

[Kyu-sang] : I lose. [laughs]


[Rain] : “Kim Gwang-min”!

[Fans] : “Kim Gwang-min”! “Kim Gwang-min”!


At last “Kim Gwang-min”s turn has come around.

“Kim Gwang-min” is Rain’s close friend.


[Rain] : Please show them what you did in high school.


“Kim Gwang-min” is just dancing. [laughs]


Rain joins in the dancing. [laughs]


[Rain] : It’s been a hell of a long day! [laughs]


[Rain] : I have to finish the Q&A session now.


[Rain] : Now I’m trying to sing a medley of my hit songs which have made me who I am.


“Bad Guy” song.


“Instead of Saying Goodbye”


“How to Avoid the Sun”


“It’s Raining”




“Love Song”


Ji-hoon, Ji-hoon..

Unbeknown to Rain, the production crew has organized a surprise video clip. It will be released after a while.


During the prerecording, there was dead space because he wouldn’t stop crying. What moved him to tears?



[Rain] : I am filled with emotions as I think about the past.


[Rain] : To tell the truth, there are many people I’d like to thank.

My Cloud fans who have always supported me a lot, my family who has been a big help when things are hard for me, “Hong Seung-seong” who has made me who I am, JYP who has been a mentor to me. Thanks to you all.


[Rain] : And I want to thank my dancers who have always given me tips.

“Seong-tack”, “Soo-bong”, “Kyung-ryul”, “Jae-hong”, “Kyu-sang”, and “Gwang-min”.

I was thinking of excluding “Yong-deok”. [laughs]


[Rain] : “Yong-deok” looks upset. [laughs]


[Rain] : Also, I am grateful to Baekga who has been one of my best friends since a teenager. I appreciate what all of you have done so far.


[Rain] : If this scene is removed in final editing, I think it should at least be provided with caption subtitling. [laughs] [to the PD]


[Rain] : This album is a tribute to my late mother as it was before.


[Rain] : You should know that you are so happy that you can be with your mother who helps you do anything you want to achieve. Let’s have some applause for our parents in hopes of thanking them all the time.


I want to thank all of our friends.


[Rain] : This song is a tribute to my late mother.


“Dear Mama Don’t Cry” song.


[Rain] : How do you feel now?

[Fans] : I love it!!


When Rain starts talking, the electricity suddenly fails.


-Video messages-

[A fan] : Ji-hoon ssi, I’ve been a big fan of you since you made a debut. My mother and my mother-in-law are also big fans of you.


[Jung-han who is Rain’s male fan]: Ji-hoon hyung, long time no see. Do you remember that you were filming a commercial with me in 2010. I’m setting to work again encouraged by your example.


[Seung-eun who is Rain’s female fan] : You’re my role model. I’ve achieved my dream, taking my heart from you. I’d like to be very influential like you.


[Soo-bong] : Hi, Ji-hoon, you told us that we dancers are always like family, which remains touching.


[Yong-deok] : I’ve gained experiences not easily to be forgotten, thanks to you. I must say thanks for the memories.


[Baeka]: We’ve been friends for 18 years. I was able to rebuild my life due to your four-hour startling admonition in December, 2006. I hope we remain firm friends forever.


[Seong-tak] : Seeing you happy when you won first prize after much laborious effort, I was happy, too. I am quite eager to work with you as far as I can. I know I have a weight problem, but don’t force me to lose my weight because it puts me under a lot of stress. [laughs]


[Kyu-sang] : Take care of your health above all things. We should be watchful of our health as we’re getting out of shape. [laughs]


[Jae-hong] : I don’t know when that will be, but I’m resolved to do my utmost.


[Yong-deok][Soo-bong] : Thank you.


[Baeka]: I love you!!


We love you!!


[Rain’s father] : Ji-hoon, I’m your father. I’m well aware that you’ve had a hard time. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.


[Father]: You’ve shown no sign of sadness even though the death of your mother hit you hard. Thank you for sticking it out through the hard time.


[Father] : Be careful with your health. I was worried over your sudden illness. I hope that you give yourself a little more time. Son, fighting! I love you!


“To You” song is playing.


I’ll return the compliment.


The great depth of the love I can feel.


This song is for you.


I’ll fill the world with my song.


I tell you how deeply I love you.


Rain can’t stop crying.

Everyone is moved to tears by the heart-warming sight.


Rain can barely hold back his tears, thinking of his father.


[Rain] : Why do you think I’m crying? It is because of my father.

[He is shedding tears again]


[Rain] : I should have refused the offer.


[Rain]: I am sorry to tell you this, but I hate the production crew so much today.


[Rain]: No matter how hard it gets, I’ve never cried, recently at least.


[Rain] : I thought I was much stronger for it, both emotionally and in practicality, than I had been before, though.


[Rain] : I’m so sad I can’t stop crying, and even my neck is sore.


[Rain] : My father means more to me than anything in the world, and he is my biggest inspiration.


[Rain] : My heart just bleeds for him who has aged beyond recognition, which makes me sad.


[Rain] : Aging father makes me sad.


[Rain] : I can hardly feel relieved.


[Rain] : This will be followed by La Song. What should I do? [laughs]


[Rain] : Please be good to your parents while they are with you.

[Fans] : Yeah!


[Rain] : Please give me some time to calm myself down. Believe it or not, I’ll sing the song after a while.[laughs]


[Rain]: Could you excuse me for a second?


Rain steps out for a while to get himself together.


After a while.


Rain comes out in front of his fans.


[Rain] : Thank you for coming here despite the cold weather. It’s the time to say good-bye. Thank you for your love and support for Rain Effect. We will stop here today. Let’s have fun now!



[Rain] : I think it’s time to throw away any greed that is out of my bounds.


[Rain] : I don’t want to be embroiled in controversy any more.


[Rain] : My final goal is to keep good company for a successful life.


[Rain] : I can spend the day finding real friends. The camera crew and the director have already become my friends, I think. [laughs]


[Rain] : Isn’t it a successful life?


[Rain] : Is that a main camera? Everyone, thank you for your love for Rain Effect.

I believe that my integrity was displayed through telling the truth during Rain Effect.


[Rain] : Thank you very much. Happy New Year! I’m very grateful.


[Rain] : Rain Effect goes on!


[PD] : Could you let the slates hit each other to finish it?


[Rain] : Let me clap my hands to wrap it up.


~ by Cloud USA on January 26, 2014.

7 Responses to “[Eng trans/CCs][full] Rain Effect, Episode 6 Final: “Please be good to your parents while they are with you.” (1/23)”

  1. Watched the entire show… So touched and amazing….and the caption of patents “Please be good to your parents while they are with you” … You are sooo true.. Love the way you think about life….you knw wht… I a m still lucky to look after my parents from my fullest…… This encourages me more and more…they did everything for us from the day we born to see a silver clouds of smilies on our faces …. I thank u bcz who you are today… U have become my role model…I wish that I get a chance to say hello to u one day…in real….just I say ….how influential u are to me when I was going through hard times of my life…I am from a small beautiful country call Sri Lanka.. Wish u all the very best and happiness forever…


  2. Reblogged this on Akiko512 and commented:
    Dear Everyone, If you don`t know RAIN here is something I would like you to see. A man who is simple,who have so much passion in everything he do. He will do everything to give an excellent performance. He is Brilliant with a beautiful soul. THIS IS RAIN
    (Special Thanks To Cloud USA)


  3. To tell you the truth, I haven’t found the courage to watch this. Sighh But yes, what Rain says is really true. The other day I watched “Saving Mr. Banks”, the story behind “Mary Poppins” OMG!! I ended up crying like a baby!! The movie is mostly about father/daughter relationships and I was deeply touched by it since some of the troubles that the author of this book went thru I experienced with my father. I discovered that things I thought were resolved were still there. Talk about a reality check! But my father is gone so there’s no way I can talk to him or my mother since she has Alzheimer’s. I have to leave that behind, there’s no turning back. Even though it wasn’t my fault, it still hunts me. So, yes anything you should talk with your parents, do it when you can.


  4. This was very emotional from the start. I love seeing the whole of RainRain. His words are real, I totally agree, be positive and you get positive, Negative energy does not stand a chance. As for parents, how true, how true, I lost both of mine. It is so hard sometimes, I find myself thinking of them often. You must keep going though, All the best to RainRain


  5. MTV used to have shows like this that they called “Unplugged” where celebs would do acoustic versions of their hits. I really like this side to Bi’s performances. Surprisingly, I really like the “snippet” of “Instead of Saying Goodbye” it felt like a very grown up version of the song. Very nice.

    What can I say about the lead in caption to this post…”Please Be Good To Your Parents While They Are With You.” He’s 1000% percent right. I know several of us here at Cloud USA have lost at least one parent, for me it was my father. So I can relate wholeheartedly to the raw emotions he displayed. They can be overwhelming at times, especially when one is in a retrospective state of mind. Ironically, I came to know of Cloud USA only a few months after his passing and also ironically Cloud USA’s anniversary falls on his birthday (Jan. 21). This coincidence made me smile actually. Needless to say, my “other partner in crime” (Mom) gets the royal treatment…per usual. *SMILES*

    So I would say take to heart Rain’s very insightful advice.


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