[article] Rain Doesn’t Want to Make Any More Controversial Issues.

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Bless his heart. ♥

Truly, if it weren’t for hamster-brain-dead netizens and their desperation for scandals, not to mention the inanity, rumor, and misinformation that serves as a scandal in their world, Rain and his fellow K-celebs might actually stand a chance of being happy for a minute. I don’t even know how the man manages to smile. He and so many others have been through hell. 😡 ^@@^


MWave/enewsWorld 1/24/2014 —Jung Jin Young / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain Doesn’t Want to Make Any More Controversial Issues

After going through some tough times in the past, Rain revealed that he does not wish to create any more controversial issues in his life.


Mnet’s Rain Effect aired its last episode on January 23, in which Rain said in an interview, “I threw away all my greed. I don’t want to create any more hot issues like I did in the past.”

He also added, “My last goal is to surround myself with good people. I think that’s what a successful life is. With that goal in mind, I’m going to continue to strive to earn people’s trust.

Meanwhile, Rain also held a concert with fans in a small playhouse during the episode.

Photo credit: Mnet

~ by Cloud USA on January 25, 2014.

One Response to “[article] Rain Doesn’t Want to Make Any More Controversial Issues.”

  1. Good for you RainRain. Positivity breathes positivity. I am happy for him


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