[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – How To Avoid The Sun (11/9/2003)

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

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I am going to be the first to admit that I cannot keep up with the Rain storm that has been unleashed upon us since August 2013, following Rain’s discharge from the military. My head is literally spinning, and my phone and every other device that houses any type of social media is in a constant state of alarm. So I decided to kick back and do a little retrospective here of Ji Hoon’s appearances on SBS’s Inkigayo. I chose Inkigayo because, well…I just like the name, Inkigayo. ^.^

Inkigayo (a.k.a. Popular Songs, a.k.a. The Music Trend) has been around since 1991. It went off the air in 1993 and returned again in 1998, just prior to Rain exploding on the scene. It’s a chart show that has been through a few evolutions of style. In fact, in 2003 it changed its format from a chart show to a competitive show, in 2007 from a recorded broadcast to a live broadcast, then finally back again to a chart show in 2013.  But it always remained a showcase for performers to light up a huge stage, introduce their songs and in Rain’s case, make the fans scream!!

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Rain made his first stop on Inkigayo (as a solo artist) on November 9, 2003 with How To Avoid The Sun. I will always appreciate Rain’s intensity during this song and his play with the sunglasses – take them off, glare at the camera, put them on, avoid the sun, take them off, make the fans scream, put them on and saunter into the sunset. Love it.

One thing Rain has been consistent with in every single solitary performance, be it on television or on the live stage in a concert performance, is his ability to connect with the camera and/or with you. He sings to YOU – even when it’s via the camera. And you feel every emotion as result. I think this is one of the things that makes Rain such a special performer and sets him apart from many. He is fully integrated in the performance from every angle. He is not out there doing it for himself. He is out there doing it for us. Props, Ji Hoon….big props!

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~ by Michele on January 21, 2014.

One Response to “[series] Inkigayo Chronicles: A Rain Retrospective – How To Avoid The Sun (11/9/2003)”

  1. Thank You first for teaching me about the history and importance of Inkigayo. And second that so appropriate a truthful description of why Rain captivates audiences and myself to the point I forget to breath. He live every note every word and gives it to us gift wrapped in love. ❤ Rain always


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