[clips][interview] Rain and Trot X’s Tae JinAh on Good Morning. (1/20)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

LOL! Rain and the Trot X guy, kekeke. 🙂 If a translation becomes available, we’ll post it here.


(“Tae JinAh and Rain formed a duet?!” ^@@^)

(Source credit: SBS / courtesy of ratoka)

°     °     °


Ah… now things are becoming clearer.

An AWESOME mash-up video on Facebook Mobile of the old (Tae JinAh, traditional Korean trot music) and the new (Rain, LAsong/Latin music) got a lot of people buzzing about the unusual combination (it has almost 80,000 likes), and the media caught wind of it. Rain himself tweeted the mash-up on the 16th. CLICK on the image of his tweet below, and click on the link in his actual tweet to see the video.

* NOTE: I only see comments when I open the link in FireFox or IE. I can see and play the video in Chrome, and even share it if I log into Facebook Mobile. Go figure.


Y-Star News even released a news clip about JinAh-ssi accepting Rain’s “proposal.” 🙂 All I can say is, whatever comes of this (a real duet or a duel?) ought to be interesting!

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~ by Cloud USA on January 20, 2014.

One Response to “[clips][interview] Rain and Trot X’s Tae JinAh on Good Morning. (1/20)”

  1. Sorry, but LA Song is not TROT is packed full of Latino influences, in Rain’s movements I’ve seen even similarities with the old dances of men in Romania (Romanian people are Latin people like Italians, Spanish, French).
    I think Bi wrote “My Way” about the path he walked for success, and, now, when he starts a new life (after army) he writes LA Song to show what Bi want to do in his future career (I suspect that we will not see very much of shirtless Bi, but much more of fun Bi, ha, ha),
    I listened to all Rain Effect and I found Bi is a genius: if in La Song he shows his intentions for life that will be, Rain Effect in full is plenty of various influences what shows Bi as an international star with deep connections in the whole world


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