[clip][fan cam] Rain and “LA Song” on Music Bank. (1/17) (Once again, Fab one KyuSang goes buck-wild, LOL)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

7033721531206338fba57600eb407004(Cap courtesy of michi1108)

Yet another awesome comeback stage for Rain and his Fabulous Ones. Everyone was on point and giving their all, and Rain was brushing his shoulders off, bravo! 😀

I about busted a gut when KyuSang suddenly started his own choreography—throwing on Rain’s long “LA Song” coat, prancing around the stage wherever he wanted to like a cat on fire, and getting in Rain’s face with the “30 Sexy” dance even though they were doing “LA Song”. Rain cracked up and I just fell out, LOL. SangQ, honey, you are hilarious and I love it. You might think we’ve all forgotten the first time we saw you go buck-wild on Rain, back at the Radienteering Competition Event when Rain was a soldier in June 2012, but we haven’t, oh no. Rain laughed back then too, but only after finally shoving you out of his space with an “I will beat you down, dude” look. LOL!^^ Ah, the memory.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


“LA Song” on yesterday’s Music Bank. (courtesy of Net Bestiz.)

PFC Rain and Crew perform “It’s Raining” at the military’s Radienteering Competition Event in the summer of 2012, and Mr. Red Hat (KyuSang) pranks Rain by going rogue. 🙂 (fan cam credit: TypeB345)

(Caps source: RAIN☆ANGEL)


~ by Cloud USA on January 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “[clip][fan cam] Rain and “LA Song” on Music Bank. (1/17) (Once again, Fab one KyuSang goes buck-wild, LOL)”

  1. That was funny😄


  2. that was so funny XD


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