[article][images] Rain Effect Brings Out the Fan in K-Drama Star Lee Jong Suk

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Awwwwwzzzz, how cute is Lee Jong Suk? He showed up on the most recent episode of the Rain Effect and spent time with our World Star and fellow hottie actor, Jung Seok Won.

Jong Suk seems to fear the variety show thing, but hopefully some of his fears were eased with his appearance on Rain’s reality show. It is no doubt that Rain could give Jong Suk some pointers as he himself is no stranger to the variety show thing, having made countless appearances on many throughout his career (Love Survival among my faves). Rain is definitely a worthy sunbae!!!


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CJ E&M enewsWorld – 1/17/2014 Jung Jin Young [Image credit: Mnet]

Lee Jong Suk confessed that he has a variety show phobia.

Appearing in January 16’s broadcast of Mnet’s Rain Effect, Lee Jong Suk met up with Rain and talked about the reason he rarely shows up on variety shows.

“I’m afraid of variety shows,” revealed the actor. “I can’t really talk when I go on a show. I heard idols get trained for that too. I wonder if I should take lessons on public speaking.”

Lee Jong Suk Says He is Afraid to Go on Variety Shows

Jung Seok Won, who was also present, showed his surprise upon hearing that idols get trained for variety shows.

[Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/56240/leejongsuk-does-not-know-what-to-say-on-variety-shows]

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But wait!! Lee Jong Suk is a long-time Rain fan.

Back in July 2011, he crossed paths with Rain and took a pic, posting it on his Me2day account saying, “He is the man I really want to do the same thing as. He is a Real Man, ‘Ji Hoon’ hyungnim (Rain).” Can’t you just feel the love?? And, who can blame him, Rain IS the real deal!!


[Image credit and source: news.nate.com]

Then again in August 2012 he ran into Rain while Rain was on leave during his military service and posted this pic on his Me2Day account calling Rain his ‘eternal idol’ and encouraging everyone to go see Return to Base. ^.^



[Image credit & source: kdramastars.com]

~ by Michele on January 17, 2014.

3 Responses to “[article][images] Rain Effect Brings Out the Fan in K-Drama Star Lee Jong Suk”

  1. Is it just me or does that last picture make my Babyman look like a true southern redneck? At least that is what flashed into my mind at first glance. Think I like that one the best, sure made me smile. Maybe it’s the hat. No matter, he is still someone I’d like to keep under(?) my bed. Southern redneck is a compliment.


  2. I saw the “Rain effect” episode five, but had no subtitles !!… Thanks for sharing this little piece with us (^.^)


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