Story of Rain ZEPP goods from our stash are going in the mail.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


The night Rain released his “30 Sexy” teaser on Twitter, we were so mesmerized by it that we just kept hitting PLAY right along with all of you, haha. Finally, I said out loud, “Whoever puts that teaser on to a 3-minute loop first [so that we don’t have to hit PLAY so much] gets something out of our 2013 ZEPP stash, heh.” Terri looked at me and said, “That’s great! I’m tweeting that.” And she did.

Believe it or not, before we could blink, @TinaShon had looped that trailer and tweeted it to us, to our utter delight. LOL!^^ Great job and congrats, TinaShon! Your black Story of Rain ZEPP Tour slogan towel is on its way. 🙂

Also, because she was the first person to get her Cloud USA Holiday Memories for Rain Scrapbook binder page to us, we’re sending @Langer13Liz a red Story of Rain ZEPP Tour slogan towel and a set of 6 official Story of Rain postcards. Congrats, Liz! Well done. 🙂 ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on January 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “Story of Rain ZEPP goods from our stash are going in the mail.”

  1. Wow…I feel like I’ve won the lottery! Thanks so much! Congrats to Tina, also. The black and red both look great.


  2. Congratulations please pass along to Tina. Wish I had something of Rains, someday it will happen I know


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