One of “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013”

Rain - One of 2013's Most Handsome Faces~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Since 1990, The Independent Critics has published a List of the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year.”  Over the years, these lists have been viewed by millions of fans from around the world.

This year, after receiving “tens of thousands of requests,” they’ve finally published a “100 Most Handsome Faces of the Year” list  Well, better late than never, I always say.  😛

So, why do we care, Clouds?  Check out number 46 on their list.  Do you recognize anyone?  Hm?  :-}

Interestingly, The Independent Critics List is not a “popularity contest,” but is, instead, an international, inclusive list designed to be “representative of the modern ideal of aesthetic beauty.”  The list is compiled by The Independent Critics team after careful consideration of millions of recommendations they receive every year from around the world and is intended “to inform public opinion, rather than reflect it.”

Congratulations, Rain!  Your Clouds think your inclusion on this list is well-deserved.

~ by Cloud USA on January 12, 2014.

13 Responses to “One of “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013””

  1. Congrats to Rain, I am so happy he made the list as he deserve to be on it!!!!!! Now I think Rain and some others on the list should have ranked higher. If they would of asked me my opinion my list would of looked different. I do think they got it right on some of the people. A lot of the people on the list I have know idea who they are. But all of them on the list are handsome in their own way and not pretty.


  2. Congratulations


  3. RAIN IS NUMBER 1 FOR ME ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY. Some men in this video aren’t handsome.


  4. I really don’t think because Rain is not no 1 on this list means 45 people are better looking. All these guys are listed as most handsome of 2013. Cool that Rain is included and WEEEEEEi Daniel Henny is tooo! 🙂


    • I agree, Patrice. I think all of them are exceptionally good looking in their own special ways. I’m really glad to see Rain acknowledged, though, for his exceptional beauty. The more he is acknowledged on this side of the world for anything–even his looks–the more chances he will have to bring his work here.

      Terri :-}


  5. In the top ten should be to me. I think Rains eyes are beautiful and unique, His lips are luscious and the combination make a handsome beautiful man. Of Rain haven’t seen a bad picture yet. And now his 30 and sexy. that’s my take on it…


  6. Glad RainRain made the list


  7. HA! After watching the video, some shouldn’t have even been on there. Not alone ranked higher than Rain. That’s why I never give much stock in these things. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  8. He should have been much higher up on this list. But I’m just glad he’s there.


  9. Thank you. These are truly HANDSOME men– not pretty men. Pretty can get sickening after a while. I enjoyed every little bitty imperfection because that is what makes them truly handsome.


  10. Great Article!


  11. he should be higher but I’m glad anyway 🙂


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