[article] Rain Teams Up with LG to Promote His Music Globally, and the “30 Sexy” MV comes to Las Vegas and the world.

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30SexyRainLogo_CUSAThe website for International CES (the convention begins tomorrow the 7th in Las Vegas) is HERE. An article in the LA Times about this 2014 convention that will be full of the latest innovations and gadgets for consumers is HERE.

So, that’s why “30 Sexy” looked so crisp and perfect—LG (a past Rain sponsor) has hopped back on board the Rain train and the music video was done with their electronics.

LG is going to be at the CES convention with all of their latest TVs and products, and the “30 Sexy” MV will be playing on them. Sweet!^^ S-w-e-e-t!!  This means, of course, that CFs from LG are coming. 😀

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MWave/enewsWorld 1/6/2014 — by Lee Min Ji / Translation Credit: Yeawon Jung

Rain Teams Up with LG to Promote His Music Globally

Rain is making his moves to promote his new album globally.

Counting down to his comeback stage with the title songs LA SONG and 30Sexy, Rain is launching a global promotion with the combined efforts with LG Electronics and LG Display.

The music video of 30Sexy features Rain’s large-scale stage on top of LG’s ultra HD TV, which features Rain′s music in ultra UHD sound.


Rain’s music video for 30Sexy will be on display at Las Vegas’s CES Show between January 7 and 10, and will be promoted through LG advertisements and stores around the world.

Photo credit: Cube DC

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7 Responses to “[article] Rain Teams Up with LG to Promote His Music Globally, and the “30 Sexy” MV comes to Las Vegas and the world.”

  1. […] may recall that LG Electronics once again came on board the Rain train back when he released album Rain Effect in January 2014, and that there have been some sightings […]


  2. Oh my goodness oppa looks helps fine.


  3. Good for RainRain, he has not lost a step and we and the world still and always will love and support nim


  4. Didn’t Rain do a LG cf in the past? They are huge…..good stuff, Jihoony.


  5. Great!


  6. Hopping on the “Rain Train” huh?………………..*SMILES*

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing we have an LG Smart TV already. So I’m supporting and didn’t even know it. That’s awesome!


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