[from Rain][Eng trans] Rain’s New Year’s greeting from SBS Radio Power FM. (1/2/2014)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

» You can see images from Rain’s interview that day, and also clips from the Cultwo Show in our previous posts HERE, and HERE.

(Clips courtesy of onlyone0625 @YT and woozplz.com @vimeo)

[English translation by 화니]

Hello, everyone. I am Rain.

Long time no see.

I appreciate your interest in woozplz.com.

You could find lots of good products there.

Happy New Year! Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on January 4, 2014.

3 Responses to “[from Rain][Eng trans] Rain’s New Year’s greeting from SBS Radio Power FM. (1/2/2014)”

  1. (*Off Topic*)………Hubby and I both would wear that cream sweater. It’s a look both sexes can wear. Love it!


    • Try Nordstroms, mine is black.


      • You know I already have a couple long sweaters like that (1 black and 1 charcoal gray), but I just like the cable knit look of that one and the cream color. I’ve been on “cream” kick lately. Goodness knows, I don’t “need” another one. LOL. I just want one. The one he has on is just my style. Yours too as you’ve stated. *SMILES*


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