[articles] Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee.

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Well, it’s about time, dude! (Although, we understand perfectly well the reasons you waited over a year to say anything—the crazy and hateful folk out there, for one. Ugh.)

All we know is, when you’re happy and content, you make us happy and content. So, whatever floats your boat, Hoonie. Very glad that y’all are doing okay. 🙂


SOOMPI News 1/1/2014 — by i.said.hi

Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee


It seemed like yesterday when the Korean entertainment world shook in shock after singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee were caught to be secretly dating. A year after, Rain opened up about their current relationship and the details of love between the two big celebrities.

After being caught on a secret date with the actress while the singer was serving his military duties, Rain expressed how the couple’s relationship is still going strong. In regards to each other’s work, Rain said, “We don’t touch on each other’s work. I don’t let her listen to my songs. When my album comes out, she will probably hear it. I love surprising people, so even my own family doesn’t get to listen to my songs early.”

When asked if the singer meets with the actress often, Rain joked, “Do you think I can meet her?” and then continued, “We are doing very well. There are people who ask if we have broken up, but we are doing very well. Although we can’t take care of each other as much because of our busy schedules, we take care of each other through the phone.”

As this is Rain’s first public relationship since his debut, the singer commented, “We couldn’t help but reveal our relationship. This is my first time. Although there are uncomfortable aspects, there are comfortable parts as well.”

Furthermore, when asked if the kiss mark on his cheeks in his “30 Sexy” music video meant that he already had someone, Rain laughed as said, “You could think that way, that’s the proper way to say it. Of course I have someone.”

Rain released his new album, “Rain Effect,” on January 2; the singer will be making his official comeback after four years. You can catch his music videos for “LA SONG” and “30 Sexy” here!

Source: Nate News http://news.nate.com/view/20140102n03462


Channel NewsAsia 1/3/2014 —

Rain praises Kim Tae-hee for standing by him amidst controversies

Korean singer-actor Rain praised actress girlfriend Kim Tae-hee for standing by him even though he was mired in controversy last year, but said they currently have no plans to marry, at a recent media conference for his new album “Rain Effect”.


SEOUL: Korean singer-actor Rain praised his actress girlfriend Kim Tae-hee for standing by him when he faced public criticism last year for flouting army regulations, and allegedly taking too many days off, while he was serving his compulsory stint in the army, reported Korean media.

Speaking at a recent media conference to promote the launch of his sixth album “Rain Effect”, his first album since he was discharged from the military in July last year, Rain explained that he had received extra days off  “as a reward for performing very well at the rifle range”.

He went on to heap praise on Kim, and said “she is really great and truly cares about me”.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, added that he hoped to “do everything I can to be considerate towards her” in the future, putting to rest rumours that they have broken up.

While it is clear Rain likes Kim quite a bit – the 31-year-old star even snuck out to meet her while he was on military duty in January last year – Rain said they currently have no plans to marry.

“Right now, it’s time to work. I have always been a workaholic,” said Rain.

“So I’ll still be putting work first for now.”

2014 is shaping up to be an important year for Rain, as he’ll also be returning to Tinseltown in the action thriller “The Prince”, which is expected to be released later in the year.

“The Prince” will be his first appearance in a Hollywood film since 2009’s “Ninja Assassin”.

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14 Responses to “[articles] Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee.”

  1. @lin king,
    rain is old enough to know what he wants, he does not need ur stupid opinion in making decisions. To me they both look gorgeous together.


  2. I don’t care for Kim Tae Hee, she isn’t a good actress and her one eye is a lazy eye. It is so distracting to her acting. She isn’t a good fit for Rain. He needs a sweet talanted girl.


  3. am soo happy for my two best actors being so happy together you deserve it and many more wish you the best of luck and happines


  4. Can’t wait to see some of their photos in public, I wanna see how sweet they are or how they treat each other in public…….

    Is Kim Tae Hee his first GF?


    • Hi, Jamie. 🙂 No, she’s not his first. There have been a least four relationships before her (that he has admitted to) and probably more than that, haha. 😉 But she is the first one that he’s ever gone public with. That says a lot. 🙂

      I’m so glad he’s at this stage in his life where he’s comfortable enough to show that yes, he’s a grown man and not a boy and he will do as he pleases when it comes to love and dating. As a human being, he has every right to be happy in this life like everyone else, don’t you think?

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Well my hope is Rain can share with us honestly when your happy day comes and you decide to marry whom ever. whether is Kim or not we will be happy for you..


  6. i just L O V E them both! its nice to hear that they are doing very well together and i hope that we will hear wedding bells in the future!


  7. I always wish you happiness with the one you love………. Be happy ❤


  8. I was wondering what was going on with Tae Hee and RainRain. So glad all is well with them


  9. Just be happy Jihoon.




  11. Go, Rain!!

    Your girlfriend’s beautiful, by the way! ❤


  12. In other words, we’re together…..I’m happy….stay out of my business…..and don’t count on getting that paparazzi shot of us together anytime soon.

    Good way to wrap that all up with a nice bow Jihoon. I feel ya my Korean brotha. *SMILES*…………………………………….


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