[article] An OSEN News interview with Rain: Where he stands now in his life and career.

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OSEN 1/2/2014 —

In an interview with Rain


[Press] (hereafter referred to as P) : You’ve really lost a lot of weight.
[Rain] : I felt physically sick. I think I‘m not physically up to it. Getting influenza, I became very heated. My body isn’t what it used to be. (laughs)

[P] : How have you been since your discharge from the army?
[Rain] : While I was only at a recording studio, I composed all the tracks on my album myself. ‘Bae Jin-ruyl’ co-wrote the materials in a few tracks. I stayed up all night working. As a result, I’ve reached a satisfactory result.

[P] : How do you get along with actress “Kim Tae-hee”?
[Rain] : I’m still getting on okay with her. She treats me really well.

[P] : You must have gone through a lot of distress these days.
[Rain]: (laughs) As you know, being beset by controversies, criticisms, and contretemps is my daily life itself. I think facts are stubborn things. Since I never have an obsessive personality, I only concentrated on my preparations for the comeback by emptying my mind of all thoughts of such issues.

[P] : Why didn’t you ask for help, rather than trying to do it on your own?
[Rain] : There are a number of good songs I’ve gotten, but those songs are high on the charts these days or one of them has already been dominated by an idol star. Instead of trying to be too trendy, I wanted to find something suitable for me. “30 Sexy”, one of the double title tracks from my album, is a kind of electronic music with a fast, rhythmic beat in the 80s, and “La Song” is a Latin pop. I decided to sing such songs to live up to my name Rain. Receiving royalties was not my objective. (laughs)

[P]: The thing that bothers you is the song chart.
[Rain] : Singers want to get better grades. Of course I want my song to be number one on all the music charts. I feel there is not a morale problem, but I think the day is approaching when I have to quit my job as a dance music singer. It has been harder for me to move toward higher and grander goals since the target was exceeded. Now I would lower my sights than to abnormally claw my way to the top of my profession.


[P]: Are you announcing your retirement from the music scene? (laughs)
[Rain] : I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry. (laughs) The person that I respect most is Park Ji-young (JYP) because he still overwhelms the audience throughout his show with his passionate dance skills even though he has passed the age of 40. I would be better off if I had throughly lived beyond my means. I just want to pleasantly work hard for who I am.

[P] : So, can we see paunchy Rain soon?
[Rain] : Eating like a horse, I only gain weight in the gut, but I should workout steadily to stay fit.

[P] : You were a perfectionist, and an icon of our popular culture who had on average less natural body fat. Now you’re a changed man. What is the reason for the change?
[Rain] : When I clenched my teeth, I chipped off pieces of them. I belatedly found out that working tenaciously with venom was my poison. While I was having the bad as well as the good, I kept having a cobweb in the throat as if I drunk the seawater. My original goal was to buy my father a house and to win first prize on the music shows, but there was no limit to my greed.

[P] : They say the reason for joining the army is to rest their mind, but you had a harder time during your military service by getting yourself talked about. You must have been under a lot of stress at the time.
[Rain] : I wondered why this world turned so cold at the time. I admit that I was wrong about not wearing my military cap, but just because I didn’t do so, I was misunderstood as a solider who had vacations for more than 100days. But I only had vacations for a total of 59 days including a few days I got off as a reward when I was chosen as a special warrior. I was summoned by the prosecution, the Defence Ministry, and the police and was placed under overnight investigation for days. I had been thoroughly investigated (laughs), but I was acquitted of all charges. I thought truth would eventually come out. Now I’ve come to have an opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding.

[P] : How are your making inroads into America going?
[Rain] : Jay Z actually offered for me to work with him. It’s my honor to be offered by him, but the matter is under discussion. First, I want to be well regarded by Korean people like my parents prior to going to America. That’s why I have been shooting the reality show series to show my real humanity.


[P] : This time, you are barely exposing your body to the public during your performance.
[Rain] : I think a man in his 30s is voluptuous enough to be able to look sexier without taking off his jacket. (laughs) I wanted to compose the songs everyone wants to listen to while driving rather than the visuals. I was more interested in sparing no cost when it came to making the album than in the past.

[P]: Are you going to launch a world tour again?
[Rain] : My acceptance will hinge on whether or not this album succeeds. (laughs) I’m planning a concert tour sometime this summer for my fans. They say it is a world tour. I’ll put on a small but lavish performance where I can communicate with fans. As I’ve got love calls from South America, Europe, etc., it seems like I treat the crowd with energetic performances. Instead of performing in a large-scale stadium, I’d like to perform songs with my music band, wearing a T shirt.

[P] : You are still popular in the US.
[Rain] : Fortunately, many of them remembered me. I’ve heard that they are looking for a distinctive image that differentiates that from Psy who’s been getting famous. Accordingly, I’ve probably gotten more love calls and had more auditions than before. After an audition, I’ve earned a role in film “The Prince”. I’ve forgotten a lot how to speak English, but I’m focus on studying English.

[P]: What is your ultimate goal in Hollywood?
[Rain] : I’m aiming at a target which is to continue acting in Hollywood, not to work in the short run. I think I’m a competitive Asian actor despite not belonging to one of the major actors. Going through auditions, was the opening I needed for my career.

[P] : What is your goal for yourself that you’re going to push to next level as a singer?
[Rain] : The most important thing for me as a singer is good producers who are highly involved in making albums. There is no reason why I shouldn’t look for a chance to hit a last shot. I’m now looking for good producers.

[P] : Having a struggle for perfection as if your life depends on it has tarnished the image of Rain as a singer. What are you thinking of doing?
[Rain] : Now I don’t need to struggle. I won’t get the first prize just because I dance hard. I can shoot for the top if there are good producers. A very good producer is one of the keys to success. If I get a good chance, I’ll give myself fully to my work.

[P] : I am sorry to say that they say that the epithet “World Star” has gone nowhere, and that you can’t be comparable to Psy. When the media judged you by the way you look, you were said to be proud and arrogant. Some say that you seem to have become intoxicated by your success.
[Rain] : I’ve never called myself a world star. As I mentioned earlier, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such word in epithets. Nobody calls Brad Pitt a world star. Psy reached number two on the American Billboard charts, and everything that he had was his through his own efforts and talents. He is entitled to high praise.
As for me, I think my efforts will surely be rewarded. I’m always prepared to welcome criticism excluding malicious comments. My reputation may have foundations built on sand, but I feel proud of myself because I was selected twice by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people, I’m throwing myself into Hollywood, and I was chosen as the ‘Biggest Badass Star’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Even so, I don’t know what the future holds.


[P] : Being a target of criticism might cause bitterness to you.
[Rain] : People around me know the truth. It’s a shame the way the media twist my career and accomplishments and misrepresent me. You know, we can’t always receive favorable evaluations.

[P] : What kind of reaction do you want to receive this time?
[Rain] : Rain is confident of showing his own style.

[P] : Rain is not dead – Do you want to hear this?
[Rain] : I’m confident of hearing such things.

[P] : Your passion and expectations about music is on another level.
[Rain]: I think nothing is more interesting than composition. JYP is just the same, really. What an interesting work!

[P] : Now there’s something different about you.
[Rain] : I feel much freer after I let go of my greed that is out of my bounds.
If current idol stars want to get ahead, they have to make more mistakes than their competition. haha.

[P] : Your new songs seem to be easy to dance to.
[Rain] : More flexible dance movements can forge a link between the audience and me.

[P] : You’re taking on TVXQ?
[Rain] : Baddies! (in a jovial manner) It’s going to be a lot of fun, but I don’t know why they always choose to come at the moment. (laughs) I’m sure it is win-win, so I feel good about this. My personal fave is Yunho, who is really loyal.

Credit to Osen http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109754638
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on January 3, 2014.

7 Responses to “[article] An OSEN News interview with Rain: Where he stands now in his life and career.”

  1. RainRain is so grounded, he knows of his life and the direction it is taking. Much success RainRain you ‘re going to be alright. He is so focus and positive


  2. I commented some on fb about this interview but I’d also like to say, I’m so proud of him and for him some don’t get it until their late in age but Jihoon gets it. Some of us have old souls and grow up/mature early. And then I really feel sorry for Korean media thinking Psy is more than he is in a America, he’s a joke! He has not earned respect. And anyone that knows American history should know this. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Cloud…. And I will say Jihoon don’t hold your breath looking for that sign of acceptance from them(Korean media/haters) some people in life for whatever reason will just travel hardships. Only God knows why this is but I do know this. It’s to make us stronger which you are.
    One other thing if Jihoon would move to the U S I hope his Clouds know he’s just representing Korea and to be proud and still back him.


    • Lotus,

      I agree with you about Psy. Although Psy has had a modicum of success here in the U.S. Most Americans do not really respect him as an artist. I do, of course, because I’m a big K-Pop fan and I knew about Psy LONG before many other Americans did. (His last album Six Rules was absolutely awesome, by the way. It’s on iTunes. You should go listen to it.)

      You are right. Americans find Psy humorous. Do the find him humorous because he IS funny, because that is how he presents himself? That’s hard to tell. We Americans can be mean as hell.

      When he first became a hit here, there were some media types who insisted on being ugly to him (and probably still do), no matter what he did. When he first came on the scene, I remember he had to walk out of an interview or two because they insisted on asking him questions he had instructed them not to ask and they just kept pushing. It got better after awhile, though.

      I think that the majority of Americans wish him well. I don’t really think they are trying to be rude and honestly really liked “Gangnam Style” a lot. Even my son’s (Alex’s) girlfriend’s little brother (16) found that song on iTunes and drove us all insane playing it over and over and over again, because he loved it so much and couldn’t stop. And he’s NOT a K-Pop fan. LOL. These days kids are much more global naturally. Which is a really good thing, I think.

      Will Psy ever have another hit in the U.S.? Maybe. But I honestly believe that Rain could be even bigger that Psy here in the U.S. if he collaborated well with some American artists, so that he could get his name and hot image out there. All he has to do is perform and show them what a K-Pop king REALLY looks and sounds like.

      Just like no one knows how good of an actor he is yet, there are still very few Americans who have actually heard him sing. And that’s a real shame.

      In the U.S.A., it’s all about promotion, baby. So, if Rain wants to succeed here, he’d better come live over here and promote the hell outta himself as fast as he can. Because it’s going to take awhile.

      As for the Korean Clouds supporting him from the U.S.A.? Well, I’ve got my doubts. The loyal ones who really love him will, of course. The fair-weather Clouds? Probably not. So that means that we U.S. Clouds are going to have to take up the slack.

      Hey, we’re trying, right?

      Terri :-}


      • I agree with you Terri, and I actually like Psy and have come to his defense on YT. Sorry to say your also right about the Cloud’s too but those that don’t stick were never gonna anyway. And yes Jihoon does have to come HERE(JiHoon) Americans are fickle as hell and they want what they want and they want it NOW! (not me just saying). If he’s not here to promote himself they will just move on to the next and be damn with the rest. He’s smart enough to know the score here by now, and his Korean fan base, we have to all work together. Cloud’s need to get out of each others way and keep our eye on the prize. RAIN! After all this is all about him and dear GOD I want him to the biggest thing to come here(America). JiHoon has the perfect mannerism and look for American’s. And just for the record you know Missy told GDragon ( watch that SH*T! ) hahahahaha…


        • Lotusrain said: “And just for the record you know Missy told GDragon ( watch that SH*T! ) hahahahaha…”

          LOL, Lotus. I know THAT’s right. :-}

          Terri :-}


  3. I agree Terri. This was an awesome interview…..introspective and very clear. He knows exactly where he is at this point in his life and career and he’s definitely ready for the next phase. It’s called aging Gracefully and he’ll do it superbly. I, for one, can’t wait to see what he has in store.



  4. What a wonderful interview to read early in the morning before I head off to work. Exciting days ahead, I think.

    Wishing Rain much success and happiness.

    Terri :-}


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