[teasers] The Perfect Storm: 30 Plus Sexy Equals Rain, Part 2. (And a comeback date change.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

30sexyRainWebsitewidgCUSA{*PLEASE Note: Rain has confirmed in a tweet below that his comeback date has been moved UP. The Rain will fall again on 1/2/2014 instead of 1/6.}

As you all recall, at the end of Terri’s post yesterday, the Rain Effect album storm wasn’t over by a long shot because Rain promised that his next Twitter move would be to throw a teaser into the mix. Well, throw it in he did. And not one, but two—the first one for title track “30Sexy” and the second for track #2 “LA Song.”

We were near catatonic with joy over the sounds, the visuals, and the concepts Mr. Triple Threat chose for his musical comeback. Holy smokes! The man’s ability to creatively reinvent himself and his “sound” is astounding. He gets better and better with age, like fine wine.^^

Behold, the continuation of Rain’s recent Twitter itch! ^@@^

(“30Sexy” and “LA Song” teasers source credit: LOEN Entertainment / LOEN MUSIC Official Channel @YT.)

(Tweet Source credit: @29rain, 12/31. English translation: 화니)

Which do you like better, 30sexy or LAsong? I like them both.
What I appreciate most is your reaction that is better than expected.
I’m now eating some food for the first time after a rehearsal ㅠ.



Just as quickly and smoothly as Rain does his costume changes at his concerts, presto change-o… we had two Twitter icon changes, a day apart. ^@@^ (Images credit: @29rain)



Just because they’re so friggin’ awesome… 🙂 ^@@^ (CLICK images for larger view.)

~ by Cloud USA on December 31, 2013.

11 Responses to “[teasers] The Perfect Storm: 30 Plus Sexy Equals Rain, Part 2. (And a comeback date change.)”

  1. So that means that digital versions will be released on the 2nd??? I dont think soribada will be able to handle the downloads!!! Just saying!!!


    • Seriously. I haven’t seen it pop up on Soribada yet though. I sure do hope that it is up quickly, or I’m going to be upset. Because the only way we all can hear it until we get our physical CD’s is if we can download it. SIGH.

      Terri :-}


  2. Love them!!! Something new and exciting, love it!!!


  3. Both songs have me excited!!! But i REALLY cant wait for the 30Sexy video. Omg i WILL be spazzing~~~~~


    • Girl, YES……30 Sexy is giving me the “fan girl tingle.” It’s been a while since I’ve felt that. I can’t wait for the video either…..OMG!! Can not wait!


  4. Having to contain my inner fan girl. On a city bus having an inner meltdown. Great start to the new year. Thanks for the teasers Rain.


  5. When the pic loaded….an uncontrolled giggle came from my throat. Raingasm.


  6. It’s funny. I was sitting next to hubby on the sofa and played “30 Sexy” for him. He said….”what is he saying dirty sexy?” So, he is the one that made me think that, even though I know Bi is saying “30 Sexy.” See, hubby (a serious music enthusiast) didn’t turn away when he heard that “30 Sexy” beat. I said to myself…”Uh huh, yeah you like that beat don’t you Mr. Man.” I can’t wait to get this CD so I can crank up “30 Sexy” at home. Hubby’s “going down” kicking and screaming (at least with That song)…..he just doesn’t know it yet.

    (*Giddy Grins*)……………………………………


  7. Well Rain really knows how to keep someone waiting at the edge of their seat…lol. I like both and I am curious to see more. LOL @ that jumbo bib. 😀


  8. I love both songs but their both so different in a good way naw great way! Can’t wait to hear them both fully. And the video’s! You out did yourself JiHoon.😘


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