[article] Insane for Rain: fans go crazy over Korean pop star’s visit to Mobile.

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“His most ardent admirers are called ‘Clouds’ and they track Rain’s accomplishments and activities through a network of websites, including www.cloudusa.org and rain-cloud.co.kr.”

Tamara, thanks for the shout-out. Thumbs up! 🙂


Tammy Harriel, Rain and Cyndi Lacefield on the set of "The Prince" in downtown Mobile on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2013. (Cyndi Lacefield)

Tammy Harriel, Rain and Cyndi Lacefield on the set of “The Prince” in downtown Mobile on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2013. (Cyndi Lacefield)

A.L.com 12/31/2013 —  By Tamara Ikenberg | tikenberg@al.com

Insane for Rain: fans go crazy over Korean pop star’s visit to Mobile


MOBILE, Alabama – The paparazzi and other  professional star stalkers could learn a lot from Cyndi Lacefield.

On Nov. 28, the Pensacola resident and Jackson, Ala.,  native learned that her number one celebrity crush, the Korean force of nature known as Rain,  was coming to Mobile to film “The Prince.”

One week later, after careful planning and some canny detective work, she was gazing up into the eyes of her tall, dark and handsome hero. It was like watching “a chocolate waterfall.”

“His eyes had such gentleness and his voice was very calm” said Lacefield.  “I just got real stupid. It was embarrassing for a 45-year-old college educated woman. I went blank. I babbled, I called him honey.”

Lacefield and her pals Tammy Harriel, 42,  and Gisele “Gee” Winnier, 58, smuggled themselves onto “The Prince” set inside the Battle House Hotel on Wednesday, Dec. 5 to meet the man most Mobilians wouldn’t recognize if he serenaded them on the spot.  

The multi-talented megastar known as “The Justin Timberlake of Asia,” has been making fans in foreign lands swoon since 2002 when he burst onto the entertainment scene with his debut album [n001. “Bad Guy” was the title track. — Stephe ^@@^]

“Rain is a huge, huge icon. If he was in Seoul, he would be mobbed. The guy couldn’t walk down the street without all his clothes being torn off,” said Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Lee, who covered Rain’s problem-plagued visit to  L.A. in 2007.  “This whole Justin Timberlake thing is a very apt comparison. Rain is a real entertainer. He’s popular in movies, his albums shoot to the top of the charts and he’s a heartthrob.  It’s not just in Korea, it’s throughout Asia and China and South Korea.”

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-Hoon, is accustomed to being flanked by his adoring followers.

He received Lacefield’s garbled greeting with the grace and sensitivity that makes him irresistible to his devotees.

“Having fans wherever I go gives me an energy and it is the source of my power,” said Rain, 31. “I am very happy ’cause they were very happy.”

In “The Prince,” Rain plays Mark, a friend of Bruce Willis’ villain character Omar.

“He has a certain charisma which is very evident in working with him,” said “The Prince” producer Randall Emmett. “Rain came to the project through one of our producers who had a relationship with him and thought it would add big value to the movie, especially because the international community today counts for probably 60 percent of the box office.”

“The Prince” Director Brian Miller was impressed with Rain’s professionalism, commitment to his craft and determination to create a compelling character.

“He is very film literate, so I told him what I was specifically looking for in his character, and he would send me examples from Korean cinema that he was interested in reflecting,” Miller said. “That kid is a class act. He was just a gem to work with.” ….

» You can read Tamara’s extensive article in its entirety on A.L.com HERE.

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7 Responses to “[article] Insane for Rain: fans go crazy over Korean pop star’s visit to Mobile.”

  1. Great article… Bruce Willis, don’t you wish you had such devoted fans as the Clouds are to Rain?


  2. this seems a lil weird cause i swear when i was watching his reality show i saw those two or at least the women with braids at the zepp concert in tokyo. I am like 80% sure…… american sasaengs? lol jk im so happy for them though they met their crush. it figures i was in japan at the time he was AND I COULDNT GO TO A CONCERT. LIFE= RUINED LOL


    • LOL! Hi, lasong. 🙂 Yes, she (with the braids) had just come back from Zepp Tokyo when the news hit that Rain was in Mobile, so yeah, it kind of worked out that way… Gah, I hope we all can see Rain at least once in concert in our lifetimes. At least once, and the rest will be gravy!

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Yep that’s uri Rain!! I can’t wait to watch this movie!!!Clouds I salute you, great article!! 😀


  4. Love the article, you ladies rock!


  5. This is an amazing article. The ladies are very enthusiatic and articulate in their description of Rain and who he is to his Clouds. Well done ladies. Well done 🙂


  6. Awesome article. I’d say Tammy, Cyndi and Gee…you three are becoming celebrity Clouds. Right along with Bi!


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