The Perfect Storm: 30 Plus Sexy Equals Rain


~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

And what a storm it was.

At 11:48 AM EST, on December 29, Rain suddenly decided it was time to begin tweeting to promote his upcoming album release—with this cryptic message:


Ready?  Are we ready?  Oh, what a silly question, Rain.  🙂

Immediately afterward, Clouds began drumming up ideas with which to entertain themselves until 12:00 AM KST arrived (or 10:00 PM EST).  What was going to happen, exactly, we didn’t know, but that really didn’t matter because, hey, this is Rain we’re talking about.  Right?  All that mattered was that Rain had tweeted and his Clouds wanted him to do it again.  And being loyal Clouds, we were all willing to wait faithfully until he did.

Of course, every Rain “event” always deserves a good Twitter Trending event.  So, one was quickly set up and promoted far and wide.  The hashtag would be #30sexy, and the event would begin two hours before the mystery hour and would continue until…well…until.

Incredibly, by the end of the two-hour event, #30sexy was trending worldwide.  Yay!

30sexy Trendmap Worldwide

THEN Rain tweeted again:


Yes, yes.  I KNOW it’s the same photo as the feature photo of this post, but I didn’t think you would mind looking at it again, right?  I didn’t think so. 😛

But wait.  What did he say?  Showtime…at 3:00 PM?  What the heck?  He’s going to tweet again?  In three hours?  Good grief, what a tease.  🙂

Did the additional wait phase anyone?  Absolutely not.  Yes, in spite of the fact that bedtime had passed for many Clouds around the world, we still fought off the sandman to wait patiently for 3:00 PM KST to arrive. (or 1:00 AM EST.  Yawn.)

It was a really good idea that we did stick around though, because if we had been asleep, we would have missed two more tweets, which included the two equally yummy photos below:



Finally, no more guessing.  At 11:59 AM KST tomorrow, Rain will be releasing the first teaser for his album release.  Is it necessary for me to say that we simply can’t wait?

I didn’t think so.  😛

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on December 30, 2013.

7 Responses to “The Perfect Storm: 30 Plus Sexy Equals Rain”

  1. This Teaser…….GOOD LAWD!!!!


  2. Oh yeah, who isn’t ready!!!


  3. Oh I’m ready baby boy……are YOU ready for some Cloud love? That’s what I wanna know.

    Don’t ask THIS Cloud that kinda question! Honey Bi, I’ve got to remember I’m a married woman. LOL!!


  4. I’m ready for round 3 🙂 If he didn’t know, surely Bi baby knows now how much he means to his international Clouds and we want him to succeed just as much as his Asian Clouds.


  5. Just Wow,, exciting,and fun today, and tomorrow !


  6. It was a perfect storm indeed. I haven’t slept this night at all 🙂


  7. Great photos…and being loving (and greedy) Clouds… we eagerly await … MORE!


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