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MWave / enewsWorld 12/27/2013 — by Hwang Hye Jin / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain Talks About His Roller Coaster Life

Rain′s life has definitely been a roller coaster — and no one is more aware of it than Rain himself.

December 26’s broadcast of Mnet’s Rain Effect showed Rain performing at his Tokyo concert, which was a huge success.

But after the concert, Rain got in his car and learned that bad news about him had been published, and widely spread, and fell silent as he read through the articles.

Inviting all staff and production team members for a dinner after his concert in Japan has ended successfully, Rain talked about his life saying, “My life is like a roller coaster. There’s always ups and downs. A lot of things have happened to me, but I think I should experience many things.”


“The moment I thought I was a cool guy, things got twisted,” continued Rain. “But I don’t think it’s not fair. Or even if I think it’s not fair, I’ve decided not to show it. I’ve decided to take what life throws at me and hope that one day truth will reveal itself.”

“I can’t always be praised for what I do. If you go up, you come down too. I used to think ‘what am I doing here’ but now I accept criticisms if they’re supported with good reasons but if it’s just criticisms without any reasons, I just let it go,” confessed Rain.

“I work harder for the people who like and support me,” concluded Rain. “The public is like my parents, who gave birth to me, gave me a way to live and to live by the name of ‘Rain.’ They have the right to criticize me and to love me. If people turn the TV on, because they like me or hate me, that gives me a catharsis. I appreciate the fact that they watched me until the end.”

Photo credit: Mnet


MWave / enewsWorld 12/26/2013 — by Ha Soo Jung / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain Shows Special Love for His Pet on ‘Rain Effect’

Rain just keeps on showing more and more sides to himself on Mnet’s Rain Effect.

December 26’s broadcast of Rain Effect will show Rain making his way home after finishing his tour in Japan.

Even though he was exhausted, Rain took his time to take care of his dogs, cleaning after their mess all around the house.


The episode will also feature the filming site of Hollywood movie The Prince, showing Rain working hard to memorize his lines in English and monitoring his action scenes.

Check out the episode airing on December 26 at 11 pm (KST).

Photo credit: CJ E&M

~ by Cloud USA on December 29, 2013.

6 Responses to “[articles] Rain Effect in the news.”

  1. You know Bi does indeed handle negativity with grace (publicly at least). However, he is human and it’s gotta be hard as hell sometimes to just let unwarranted BS roll off your back. To me unwarranted criticisms get easier and harder to bear (dually) as one gets older. Easier as in you realize there are some things you just can’t control no matter how unfair they may seem so you know you just have to suck it up sometimes. Harder in that the older you get, patience to just Not go the hell off on somebody (who deserves it) gets harder to hold back.

    I know for myself the older I get, the harder it gets to Not tell people about themselves. Especially, when they upset me…..and no I don’t like confrontation either. However, my “insides/gut” really makes me just want to let some people have it……(at times). I think when people affect you, then need to be told about it like…..”look here, I don’t appreciate what you’ve said/done it was uncalled for.” Unfortunately, not all situations allow you to be able to do that. This is where maturity must prevail….but it can be a “mutha” to do so.

    I feel you JiHoon.


  2. I love how RainRain handles negativity. He keeps positive and more on.


  3. I loved this episode, though it made me very sad when I realized upsetting articles had once again been written about him. Does anyone know what articles they are talking about? I can’t imagine how he must have felt after coming off stage, exhausted and after giving his all for his fans, to read something so upsetting. I know he is a strong man with an iron will, but dang, this stuff has got to hurt.


    • Liz,

      I believe they are referring to the articles that came out about him being investigated by the Seoul Prosecutor’s office, accusing him of neglecting his duties during his military service.

      The charges weren’t true, of course, and he was later cleared of them, but the Korean media is notorious for making a huge deal about Rain scandals and ignoring the fact that most of them are untrue.

      It really irritates the hell out of me, so I can’t imagine how much it bothers him.


      Terri :-}


      • Thanks Terri. Though this still irritated me to no end, I am thankful it wasn’t something new they had dredged up. These alleged people are worse than pond scum.


        • You’re welcome, Liz.

          Hm. Pond scum. You were a lot nicer to these scuzzbags than I would be. I was thinking more like cess pool maggots myself.

          Terri :-}


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