[article] Rain throws surprise birthday party in Fukuoka for Fabulous Gori (Big K).

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Refer to my brief synopsis of Episode 1 of “Rain Effect” HERE. He was complaining about their dancing? No wonder birthday boy Gori just sat there and didn’t move! LOL! Poor guy, just pranked all to hell. Good job, Rain, haha! 😀


MWave / enewsWorld 12/19/2013 — by Lee Na Rae / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain Throws Surprise Birthday Party for His Dance Team Member

Rain decided to throw a surprise birthday party for one of the members in his dance team on Rain Effect.

While filming December 19’s broadcast of Mnet’s Rain Effect, Rain was seen having a meeting with his dance team when all of a sudden he yelled, “Your dance isn′t like how it used to be. We don’t have great team work anymore,” and left the room, shocking many around him.

But the incident turned out to be a part of the hidden camera prepared for a surprise birthday party Rain had planned for one of his dance team members.


Later on, Rain hugged the team member and celebrated his birthday with a cake and wine.

In the same episode, Rain was also seen buying a winter coat for his stylist of ten years as a birthday present, when he visited a shop to pick out clothes for his comeback in January.

Rain Effect will air the first episode on December 19.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

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2 Responses to “[article] Rain throws surprise birthday party in Fukuoka for Fabulous Gori (Big K).”

  1. I so agree, I know his team loves him. They are family


  2. Like I said, he seems like an awesome boss….tough, but awesome. *SMILES*……………………..


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