[article] Rain finishes shooting a music video for his title track today. His comeback is just around the corner.

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Star News 12/14/2013 —

Rain finishes shooting a music video for his title track today. His comeback is just around the corner


Singer Rain (his real name is ‘Jung Ji-hoon’) has finished shooting a music video for his new song on the 14th, and the countdown to his comeback to the stage has begun.

According to his agency ‘Cube DC’, Rain has completed shooting a music video for his new album’s title track in a professional studio located in Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, for five days from December10-14.

The agency told Star News today, “Rain has shot two music videos, each with a different theme. He can work as a singer with a title track or with double title track (two title tracks), but further details are yet to be determined. We are trying to decide whether he will shoot extra music videos for other tracks except the two or not. We’ll gradually decide what to do, putting the finishing touches to his new album during the post-production stage.”

It is reported that even though Rain worked through the night to shoot music videos, there were no bags under his eyes, and instead, he encouraged the staffs.

An official with the agency said, “Filming took place up to today. Despite the cold weather, Rain was very considerate of others even when he ought have winded down after an exhausting day in cold weather. He was seen maintaining a professional demeanour throughout.”

It is known that Rain has put so much work not only into music, but also into music video, ahead of his actual comeback. He is planning to show the intensity of his performances, each with a different concept.

In particular, to provide his fans with the best-quality music videos possible, Rain has worked with visual artist ‘Lumpens’, who composed singer ‘Jo Young-pil’s ‘Hello’ which gave music fans a refreshing jolt.

Next January 6th, Rain will release a new album for the first time in four years, and ‘Jung Ji-hoon’ as a human being will be shown in Mnet’s ‘Rain Effect’ on the afternoon of the 19th, with the process of preparing to comeback to the stage.

The production crew confidently said, “Our camera crew is accelerating shooting, spending months following the trail of Rain who currently held a concert tour in Japan, etc. An up close and personal view of his life will vividly be given to his fans.”

Credit to Star News http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002267702
English translation by 화니

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    Yeh if he could just go ahead and have a MV for all songs that be great…even if its just Rain in a room with a microphone stand…which he may or… clearly will thrust up against…repeatedly, clothing is optional…yet none is advised…cameraman is free to zoom on what ever region he see’s fit Cami will back me up here. ZOOOOOOOOM


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