[article] Word on the street: Rain to “avoid the sun” again with new album?

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TV Report 12/11/2013 —

The concept of Rain’s new album’s title track is to be like ‘How To Avoid The Sun’

Rain is known to be shooting music videos for his new songs, and it is being reported that it is decided the concept of the title track of his new album shall be a second ‘How To Avoid The Sun’.

Rain’s agency told TV Report on the 11th, “Rain’s new song may have an effect on the appeal of him to music fans. The new song has a soft dance beat with a lyrical melody, having a similar feeling to ‘How To Avoid The Sun’, one of his old hits. You can catch him dancing to the beat of music.”

Rain has been devoting himself to shooting music videos for his new songs since last December 10. He is expected to shoot two music videos being directed by ‘Lumpens’ for four days. Each of the two songs has a different feel but highlights the appeals of him.

Rain, who gave notice that his new album is going to be released on January 6, 2014, will be returning to the stage by appearing in Mnet’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ which will begin on December 19. You can watch the show every Thursday at11pm. Further details of the number of broadcast are yet to be determined.

It is reported that Rain will make his comeback onstage through Mnet’s Mcountdown on January 9th, but his agency has defended that report, saying, “The plan has not yet been settled.”

Credit to TV Report http://news.nate.com/view/20131211n28175
English translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on December 12, 2013.

One Response to “[article] Word on the street: Rain to “avoid the sun” again with new album?”

  1. Woohoo…can’t wait for the new album. After nearly three years…all I can say is finally !!


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