11 Responses to “[fan account] Tammy’s ZEPP Tokyo adventure, and meeting Rain on the set of “The Prince” in Mobile. (12/4)”

  1. Great, I am so happy for you Clouds. You are so blessed to be with RainRain


  2. I think this may be the most fun and the funniest Rain fan account I have ever read. Yu ladies had so much fun even with hearts pounding. I bet he felt like you girls were “Fresh Woman” US Cloud. keke I felt as if I were right with you ladies and now I can’t wait to watch “Rain Effect” Oh Yeah!


  3. […] [fan account] Tammy's ZEPP Tokyo adventure, and meeting Rain on the set of "The Prince" in Mobile. (… (cloudusa.wordpress.com) […]


  4. “Rain: (helps Cyndi with her phone with his left arm because I had him in a DEATH GRIP and he couldn’t move) “Calm down, it’s okay.” ROFL!!


  5. Tammy, was waiting to read this, loved it so much. It felt like we were right there watching it all happen… oh what a moment, I can just picture it , how you held on to Rain and wouldn’t let go. Congrats and very soon we will see you on the reality show too.
    The concerts in Tokyo were surreal after watching so many videos it was incredible to finally see Rain live….and yes yes they are addictive.
    It was great fun to experience first Rain live concerts with you, Michele, Michiko and so many others. Its a trip I will never forget.
    Until we meet again!


  6. Again, u and Cyndi can write yall butts off. I enjoyed reading that as much as hearing that from your own mouth. I so agree about how Rain has brought some great people together. Steph, Terri, all the staff at Cloud USA and all my sweet cloud sisters that I have gotten to meet. Even if i would not have gotten the chance to see Rain again, I had the best time ever with Tammy & Cyndi. Love u sisters.
    PS: still on cloud 12 about meeting Rain again. -:)


  7. Awesome Tammy….and the dialogue…..too funny. Maybe one day Bi will get to personally meet some more of his “Chocolate” Rain drops. There are many more of us.



  8. Tammy, What a great fan account!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with ‘The Rain’.



  9. Y’all killin me😂😂 happy for you cloud sisters.


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