[images][clip] Rain at Gimpo Airport: Finally home after being away for weeks. (11/29)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

After performing at the 2013 MAMA in Hong Kong and performing in four Japanese cities on his Story of Rain ZEPP Tour, Rain returned home yesterday for a short while before coming to the States to begin filming on Hollywood movie “The Prince.”

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This is what we call a Security FAIL. Good grief, Clouds and fans. For the love of God, don’t run up on Rain like this!


Firstly, you’re setting yourself up to get injured (and she very nearly did, what with losing her footing). Secondly, you’re setting Rain up to get injured because of you (do you really want that on your conscience?). As it is, she ended up stepping all on his foot. Thirdly, it’s rude, thoughtless, and frightening to the other person. (How do you feel when some stranger you’ve never seen before runs up into your personal space, touching you? Not too happy, I imagine.)

Fourthly, that’s all Rain needs is for a fan to get hurt or smacked down by security for the Media to be all over him like lint on a cheap suit and blaming him for the incident. (Why in the world would you want to cause Rain a problem in the press when you know how mean they are to him?) Fifthly, there’s a new sheriff in town called Cube Entertainment, and if you make either them or Rain too skittish, next thing you know they may start keeping all of his flight information to themselves, not just some of it. And Rain will start using exit “B” while fans are waiting at exit “A.” And he’ll be surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards so deep, no one will be able to even glimpse him anymore. How about not ruining it for the rest of us, okay?

This may not be a popular opinion, but that’s not my concern. It needs to be said, and I’m saying it.

This security detail deserved a good dressing down (a.k.a. a cussing-out). They’re just lucky she wasn’t some anti- with a weapon or it would have been all over but the shouting. Once Rain gets hurt, it’s too late and “Sorry…” will not cut it. ^@@^

(Source credit: My Daily / courtesy of ratoka)

» Rain at Gimpo International Airport on SSTV. (11/29)

~ by Cloud USA on November 30, 2013.

21 Responses to “[images][clip] Rain at Gimpo Airport: Finally home after being away for weeks. (11/29)”

  1. I am afraid as Rain becomes more popular he will end up distanced from fans, for his own safety. My best guess is he wants to be able to interact with us within reason. In her determination and excitement she forgot he is an individual and,crossed a boundary. I am glad he handled the situation so graciously.


    • That is a great fear of mine too, anonymous, that a chasm will grow if Rain’s safety continues to be such an issue.

      He does handle it all very well, a lot better than I would.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • “I am afraid as Rain becomes more popular he will end up distanced from fans….”

      No surprise there, that’s a given. His Korean fans just don’t know how lucky they have been all these years.


  2. This is exactly what I noticed first too in this video he seemed concerned for her . He does not prefer to be the cause of creating scenes I was repeatedly told. I have seen another video out there recently taken by a fan in Japan, he was being followed with a camera while he is walking until he noticed them and has someone tell them to stop filming. I could never ever invade his privacy like that. Seeing Rain off stage is a bonus and I would just enjoy the view quietly. After the concerts in Japan we tried to wait and see him off as he left (we never really saw him) there were so many fans waiting to see him off each time and Security kept asking everyone to leave or move. To this day I am always so shocked every time all the details of flight information are made public. Although I did experience the airport arrival in Haneda upon his return from Hong Kong and from what I saw the J Clouds just cheered for him loudly as he appeared. He looked very happy to see the huge crowd. He was being escorted by the two bodyguards you see in these pictures and I would say around 5-6 airport security police.


    • I don’t know about you Maria, but I have noticed here lately that they are putting the clamp down (slowly) on his flight information. When he’s flying all over Asia it seems to be business as usual, but when he came to L.A. a few weeks ago….who knew? If he’s filming in the U.S. now, when did he get here? The last photos we’ve seen publicly are these with the “spazzing fan” that stepped on his foot. I think when he does business/works in the U.S. they’ve got THAT info. on lock.


  3. This girl could not call out to him and give him the gift? civilizadamente , RAIN be as difficult to approach and good manners?


  4. 😳😱😔


  5. All I know is the last thing I would want is for Rain to get in his car, recall my face, and stamp a big red “X” over it in his thoughts. LOL Who in their right mind would want to be remembered negatively by the man (the operative phrase being “in their right mind”)… *shrug*

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. Wow this fan is too much. Too much excitement? She couldn’t control herself. I agree with you Stephe. Did she step on his foot? She was so up on him


    • I have never been so startled when I clicked on that video and saw her run up to him. It was alarming to me and I was just watching. I can’t imagine being him and having to be both polite and worried at the same time.

      And in spite of her insistence, in spite of her continuing to come at him, he looked more worried about her than he did about himself, as if he was afraid she might get hurt and he didn’t want that to happen.

      Sigh. What is WRONG with these girls?

      Terri :-\


      • These chicks are just damned crazy. Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself (even if your bias is a few feet away) that I just have to admire from afar. Especially in an instance where only seconds is the span of time you have. To me it wouldn’t be worth it. Oh and yeah girlfriend like he Really wanted to take a bag from some Strange overzealous “fan” that slid all up on him….Not. What the hell do people tell themselves? I’d love to know what the mental dialogue is inside their heads before the spring into action. It must be off the chain. There’s a way to do things and a way not to do things. People know the right things to do, they just choose not too.


        • I’d love to know that too, but every crazy/obsessive person I’ve ever dealt with (don’t ask) totally believed that they were sane.

          Yes, there are some seriously disturbed people out there.

          Terri :-}


        • You know? If I had been given a gift like that, I’d have to seriously think about even keeping it. I know that if it was food, I wouldn’t eat it and if it was a teddy bear, I’d sure as hell check it for cameras.

          I would be extremely concerned about receiving a gift from someone in that manner. I don’t know how these stars handle gifts like that. I would be so paranoid. LOL.

          Terri :-}


          • I smile when you ask that. If you look at the video again and look closely, you will see that Honey Love “ever-so-smoothly” handed that bag off to his associate in the burgundy jacket. He very nicely took it from “spazzing fan” but smoothly handed it off to his homie. I said to myself “oh he’s Gooood.” LOL!!

            Smooth my Korean brotha……”smoove” *SMILES*


            • Oh, no. I saw him. And it was a smooth move, indeed. Like I said, though, I wouldn’t be looking at that gift again if I were him–for awhile at least.

              Seriously, can you imagine how many gifts this guy gets from Clouds all over the world? People are always wanting to give him stuff, but it is so obnoxious trying to travel with extra items or even worse, having to pay to have that stuff shipped back to Korea where he can’t possible ever look at all of it.

              Not that he doesn’t want to, but who has the time to do that? I have trouble keeping stuff from piling up in my own closet and storage room. And nobody is even giving ME gifts. How does this stuff get IN there? LOL.

              Terri :-}


              • LOL! Terri, let’s not even talk about closets and stuff in them. I hang my head in shame. *SMILES* The crazy part is I actually DO give stuff away to the local charity in my area, but apparently not enough. LOL.

                As far as Bi goes, I think when people give him things somehow (in the “alternate universe” inside their minds) they envision their gift is the only one….it’s like….THE gift. LOL! Of course not all people think that way, but the ones who slide up on you and step on your foot do.

                In their reality, he’s only getting their gift and they forget that thousands (literally) of other people do the exact same thing. On TV recently, they showed inside the warehouse that houses Michael Jackson’s things and other memorabilia that his kids have inherited. I was like O-M-G. Stuff my folks left me fits into my home, but MJ has a warehouse full of stuff that looks like the inside of a manufacturing plant. It’s insane how huge that thing was. That’s just how much stuff he had.

                So, I would say your celebrity idol might and that’s a strong might look at what you’ve given them for a few seconds (minutes if you’re lucky), but that’s it. They will either give it away to their associates to enjoy or donate it to their favorite charity. The stuff they end up keeping is stuff they buy themselves during their travels and maybe the few extra special things given to them by celeb friends and maybe the one or two gifts from fans they found extra special. Now, if you are just giving them another stuffed teddy bear, you can forget it. (*just saying*)……………….


                • Exactly, BiA.

                  As much stuff as he gets, you know he’s got a warehouse somewhere. And he probably had it years ago.

                  Ah well. Let’s hope his favorite charities enjoy all of the teddy bears. I wonder what service opens his fan mail? 😛

                  Terri :-}


                  • Hey, I’d just be happy knowing what the hell happened to all those doggone yellow ribbons we mailed?

                    Some soldier was probably happy to hit the “incinerator” button.



                    • LOL. Yeah, you’d at least think he’d take a photo with a huge pile of them and say I got ’em–or something. It had to have been an impressive stash. Then again, the atmosphere over there with regard to him and the military was odd to say the least. So, I understand why it may be better to leave well enough alone.

                      Terri :-}


      • Absolutely true, you could see he was scared for her a lot more than for himself…

        Stephe ^@@^


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