[images] Rain/Fabulous/Cloud check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

He was one tired puppy, bless his heart. ♥ SooBong and SungTak were too, I’m sure. Even “fabulous” needs a little rest sometimes. (ZEPP images credited as tagged. Source: RainAngel)



SooBong’s Fabulous profile at ZEPP Tokyo. 🙂 (Capture credit: Cloud Thailand)



The cutest fan art ever of our Fabulous Seven getting ready to rock Hong Kong at the 2013 MAMA.^^ (Fan art credit: Raineare)



Fabulousity abounds!^^ YongDeok with a Diamond’d up Hongshi. Who this picture belongs to was not specified, so, seeing as they are in it, I’m crediting this image to YongDeok and Hongshi. (Source: Rainstorm)



Random Rain Goodness: It is Rain, and it is good. (Credit: Cris / source: RainBiLove2)


Aw! A truly cute wallpaper from a “Rain Effect” capture. Don’t you think? ♥ (By RainBiLove2)



The latest from the Mentholatum China micro-blog, posted on 11/29. Mentholatum Power-Up Face Wash, with its exclusive patented revitalizing ingredients, fights free radicals and can reduce damage by 70%, leaving you with enhanced skin elasticity and skin cleaner than it’s ever been before. The real you. (Sounds good to me, guys. You should get cracking on this!) 🙂 (Image credit: mentholatum001 @weibo)


Someone’s looking for some new talent in Korea… it’s time for the 2014 3rd CUBE Star Audition, and Rain is one of the artists included on the official poster. For more information, they ask that you please refer to the audition site. (Poster credit: Cube Entertainment’s audition Twitter / @cubeaudition)



Story of Rain ZEPP images from BiRain2126 @Twitter.




 Thai Cloud Rainna Su Cha, CloudUSAer Tammy, Cloud USA staff writer Michele, and Thai Cloud Superdog Spinz together at ZEPP Tokyo, from your left to right. Great pictures!^^ (Source: Michele DeMarco @Facebook)



~ by Cloud USA on November 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “[images] Rain/Fabulous/Cloud check.”

  1. wwooww que lindo , Michele viajo a ver a RAIN a tokio ? wwoow felicidades amigas clouds


  2. Poor baby!!


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