[Eng trans] Rain at 2013 MAMA and filming “The Prince”, in Asia al día Magazine.

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Here are two write-ups on Rain in Asia al día Magazine out of Lima, Peru on 11/29—one about the 2013 MAMA and the other about Hollywood movie-in-production “The Prince.” Isn’t it great to see it Raining in South America? 🙂 (Images credit: gloriadejung @Twitter)


[Spanish → English translation: Stephe @Cloud USA]

Presented for the first time at a live event after completing his compulsory military service.

Rain Returned To Shine

Definitely one of the more exciting moments of the 2013 MAMA awards was undoubtedly the presentation of Rain, the idol of multitudes, who kept his word to attend the event. Rain—who had already fulfilled some performances with his fans after completing his compulsory military service last July—was presented for the first time before millions of viewers, performing live a medley of his best hits that catapulted him to fame, demonstrating that he is current, agile (with a few kilos less), and ready to break into the music market. Rain’s spectacular performance received excessive applause from audience. Rain (31 years) has seven albums under his belt and has acted in both Korean and Hollywood films as well as several dramas. In 2011 he was considered one of the 100 people most influential in the world.

Moreover, it was confirmed that Rain will release a new music album this upcoming January 6, 2014.


[Spanish → English translation: Stephe @Cloud USA]

Confirmed to act in film “The Prince”

Rain Returns To Hollywood

Cube Entertainment Agency confirms that Rain, the famous King of K-Pop, will participate in a new Hollywood film production with world stars such as Bruce Willis, John Cusack and 50 Cent, among others. “The Prince” is the title of the movie that starts filming next month in December, when Rain will travel to United States to join the filming there and prepare the details of his new album, scheduled for launch on 6 January of next year. This will be Rain’s third film in Hollywood, after “Speed Racer” and “Ninja Assassin.”

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  1. thank you for the details


  2. Thanks for the translations, Stephe. (^_^) I’ll share it on Facebook. (^_^)


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