From Stephe’s desk: Old, repetitive, reconstituted rehash. They just can’t live without it. LOL!


“Jung, discharged from his service in July, was disciplined in January for frequently taking leaves and breaking military dress code, while dating top actress Kim Tae-hee.”

— Korea Times, 11/28/2013

Breaking military dress code? He had his hat off once while everyone else—including the top Brass—made not wearing their hat a daily ritual without consequences or punishment. Not wearing one’s hat was not a punishable offense until Rain needed to be punished for something, to appease the public.

Disciplined for frequently taking breaks? 1) He was off-post on a music assignment with the permission of his superiors without being provided the necessary escort or proper transportation, and within a 2-week period of a 640-day mandatory service, caught 3 rides back to post with his lady.

He didn’t do that because he’s a celebrity. He did it because he’s a MAN. Any soldier would do the same thing (and has), given half a chance. Don’t front. You know it.

2) He did not take more off-days than allotted to him, and all of his records to that effect were in order. Not that anyone gave a damn, or that media (like you) cared to print the truth. Yonhap News is one of the worse perpetrators ever and probably always will be. Still claiming 71 days when their own government cleared the matter up ages ago, and knowing that many news organizations use them as a “reliable source.” There’s a special place in Bottom Feeder Hell reserved especially for them. ROFL!

And now all of this old repetitive, reconstituted rehash has started up again because the Media just can’t seem to live without the high ratings it brings out there in Media Land, LOL. And because of some faceless douche who has nothing better to do.

But, to your credit, Korea Times, I will give you BIG Thumbs UP points for this:

“In June, there was a separate scandal that a number of entertainment soldiers visited a massage parlor to buy sex, which was followed by the abolishment of the entertainment soldier system. But, it was later confirmed the top Hallyu star was not involved in the scandal and he was released from his service as scheduled.”

Wow. I had to read that twice. Getting the Media to print anything remotely like the truth about Rain is like pulling teeth. Heh.

Hang in there, Rain. It’s going to be okay. Somehow, some way. (What I am talking about? If there’s anything Jung JiHoon is not, it’s a quitter.) 🙂

— Stephe^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on November 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Old, repetitive, reconstituted rehash. They just can’t live without it. LOL!”

  1. Nobody cares. Just let it go haters!!!!


  2. This is so STUPID!!! Even netizens are tired of this lame story! Of course there’re people who believe whatever they want to believe but everybody gets to the same conclusion, just STOP IS OVER!!! 😡


  3. SMDH…..


  4. And Rain has a new Hollywood movie about to start filming in December… Korean media let it go. The Rain Train has already pulled away from this particular “station” and the rest of us have pulled away right along with it. This “news” is old, it’s tired, it’s dead. Let it go…..that ship has sailed.


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