[articles] Civilian tries to rain on Rain’s parade about a military matter long closed.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

keep-calm-cause-haters-gonna-hate-5You mean to tell me that even after all the investigating and re-investigating during what I called MassageParlor-gate, which Rain suffered for but had no involvement in, an “ordinary” citizen with a chip on his shoulder and nothing better to do got up out of his La-Z-Boy recliner and has sued Rain for violating military law because of another soldier’s scandal?


If I’m reading this correctly, “Ordinary Person A” watched SBS’s three-part headhunting exposé on celebrity soldiers at the end of June and on into July, saw the soldiers who had infractions get thrown into the brig, and was upset because Rain didn’t get punished, regardless of Rain not doing anything to get punished for. (How dare you, Rain? How dare you stay out of trouble like you promised, since your witch hunt? O_o) He took his complaint to the cops. The cops have turned it over to the prosecutor, after determining there was nothing for them to act on.

What the hell are they smoking over there?

This isn’t the same jerk who begged a radio station to convince Kim TaeHee to drop Rain and be his woman instead, is it? Just wondering. (Better yet, what covert shenanigans are going on behind the scenes elsewhere in the “gumment” while this utter nonsense is keeping people distracted? Hm?)

How is this even allowed? Especially if Mr. Citizen is also trying to make flap about Rain’s January scandal? (Isn’t that double jeopardy here and in South Korea?) For Pete’s sake, Rain admitted to those 3 infractions, was punished for them according to what was allowable by military law, and was dragged back and forth over broken glass and hot coals by the friggin’ country for months as if he was gunrunning for the North instead of a soldier without his hat. As a celebrity with a target on his back, he paid dearly for what he did and always will, if the South Korean media has any say in the matter. But that ain’t enough, I reckon. *sarcasm*

bottomfeederI’ll bet if people had to put on their big boy/girl pants and use their names and actually face the public and who they were accusing instead of conveniently hiding behind A, B, and C, the courts would have a lot less bullshi* to wade through. (That does not apply when you’re sticking it to the Mafia or some crime lord, of course.)

The PR celebrity soldier unit of the ROK Army is dead and gone. KEEP CALM, Angry Populace, put down your picket signs and move on with your lives now. Is it really that hard to stop kicking Rain for not only his mistakes, but for the mistakes of every other soldier who’s ever lived?

It’s good to see the military saying if they have to restate their position on Rain leaving cleanly, they will. They can’t be very pleased with this “ordinary” citizen guy. But that’s what happens when you put your business out in the street instead of circling the wagons, fixing the problem internally, and telling folks to butt out. What do you think will happen if you grow a spine, the military get fired? Not with Kim Crazy Dude just waiting to come over the border.

Haven’t we been saying, since 2010, the second anything good happens to Rain in the press, someone will always counteract it with a negative story within days? You didn’t think that Hollywood movie news about “The Prince” was going to be an exception did you? Nah. This lovely turd nugget of a story about “Ordinary Person A” happened in August but didn’t break until yesterday. And why is that? Simple. Thanks to SBS and the Media, Rain’s name was still mud back in August, despite his 8 months of good behavior (plus 13 months of good behavior before December 2012) and July discharge. They were still intentionally associating his name with Se7en’s scandal and the dissolution of the PR unit. More bad news wouldn’t have been as effective then. But waaaaay at the end of November, after 3 months of Rain doing well, still popular, and a day after news of his third Hollywood movie role with huge American stars… perfect. LOL, how much more obvious could you be.

You couldn’t pay me to be a celebrity in Korea in this day and time. I’d rather scrub I-285 clean with a toothbrush.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


SportsSeoul 11/29/2013 —

There’s not any hitch in Rain’s return to the stage despite a judicial dispute

가수 비가 내년 1월 6일 새 앨범 발표 이전 엠넷에서 리얼리티 프로그램으로 컴백한다. /스포츠서울닷컴DBThere is not any hitch in both Rain’s reality show in December and his comeback with a new album next year, despite a judicial dispute.

Singer Rain (aged 30, his real name is Jung Ji-hoon) is going to have a comeback performance through Mnet TV’s reality program before next January 6th’s scheduled official comeback with his new album. The plan for Rain’s having a comeback performance is expected to go ahead regardless of being accused of neglecting his duties in the army by ordinary person A.

Rain broke the news of his next January 6th’s comeback while performing in special highlights at 2013 MAMA held in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo Arena last 22nd. He’ll be returning to the stage with his self-titled album four years after his enlistment in 2010.

Mnet TV will also organize a reality program about Rain’s daily living and about the process of his preparation for the comeback. Fans have been more exited by the anticipation of his comeback to the stage since they saw a clip from the program. The program organization has not yet been settled, but the program will be aired in the middle of next month or at the end of next month, before the release of his new album.

But, Rain has fallen into an ambush by being accused of neglecting his duties in the army by ordinary person A, and the case is presently being investigated by South Korean prosecutor’s 8th Detective Department.

However, Mnet and Rain’s agency have intimated that the court case will not cause any problems with his schedule for the comeback, venturing an opinion, “Rain was discharged from the army after he was placed under probation after the Defense Ministry’s investigation. For this reason, it seems to be impossible for him to additionally receive a criminal conviction.”

Rain started his military life after his enlistment at 305 Supplement in Uijeongbu City on 11 October 2011. The next February 24, the Defense Ministry assigned him the task of serving as an entertainment soldier, but he was spotted dating actress ‘Kim Tae-hee’ last January, which led him to face probation by violating military laws.

Afterwards, his minor outing and staying out were also subjects of considerable debate, but he was discharged from the army last July 10th without having severe penalty to deal with when the controversy over entertainment soldiers surfaced last June.

A, an ordinary person, who watched SBS’s Eyewitnesser21 satirizing the reality of entertainment soldiers, is known to have sued Rain for going unpunished.

In addition to his new album release and his appearance on the reality program, Rain will return to the big screen with his new film ‘the Prince’ where Bruce Willis, John Cusack, etc. join.

Credit to Sports Seoul http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=073&aid=0002351290
English translation by 화니


Daily Sports 11/28/2013 —

Defense Ministry reconfirmed, “There wasn’t any problem at all regarding our investigation on Rain’s military law violations.”

20131128105005711The Defense Ministry side has reconfirmed the position regarding Rain who is currently going to be under investigation by the public prosecutor’s office, saying, “At that time, there wasn’t any problem at all regarding the Defense Ministry’s investigation on Rain’s military law violations.”

In a telephone call with Daily Sports on the 28th, the Defense Ministry officials said, “Rain was held in disciplinary confinement for violation of four military laws during his entertainment soldier days. It was not a situation that he could have had other severe penalties to deal with.”

Rain normally left the army on July 10th after being put on his good behavior before his discharge. His meeting privately with his lover ‘Kim Tae Hee’ while off the base for official military duties became a problem, but it did not lead him to have other severe penalties to deal with. But more than four months later, South Korean prosecutor’s 8th Detective Department has decided to conduct investigation into that case on complaint of Mr.ㄱ, an ordinary person.

In reply, the Defense Ministry side said, “At the time, the investigation and punishment were legally completed and that’s why Rain was normally able to be discharged. If we have to clarify our position after watching how the prosecution’s investigation is ongoing, we will do it.”

Rain had served as an entertainment soldier since he was transferred to the service support troop in the Defense Ministry after he served as an assistant instructor in the 5th Division after his enlistment in October, 2011.

Credit to Daily Sports : http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/newsview?newsid=20131128105005517#none
English translation by 화니


Yonhap News 11/28/2013 —

The prosecution’s investigation on Rain’s military law violations

-Brief translation-

When an ordinary person sued Rain for violating military laws, the Seoul Police that investigated the case, sent it to the prosecution by agreeing that “Rain is cleared of the charges” at that time.
The case is presently being investigated by South Korean prosecutor’s 8th Detective Department since it was turned over to the department from the police last August.

Credit to Yonhap news http://news.nate.com/view/20131128n26711
Reference : http://rain-cloud.co.kr/board/view.asp?mstSeq=7&mstpSeq=&bcmSeq=4&seq=57509&page=1&searchType=title&searchStr=
Brief translation by 화니

~ by Cloud USA on November 29, 2013.

12 Responses to “[articles] Civilian tries to rain on Rain’s parade about a military matter long closed.”

  1. Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec Mina et Stephe.
    C’est la jalousie qui fait parler tout les détracteurs de Rain !!
    Je ne sais pas qui en a après lui , mais laisser le vivre sa vie .
    Et le citoyen A , il est vrai devrait fournir son nom , c’est bien beau de traîner dans la poussière le nom d’une célébrité , mais le votre n’est pas connue , ce n’est pas juste , car lui aussi on devrait pouvoir parlé sur lui quand il sort dans la rue et dire Haa ! c’est cet homme là qui a porter plainte contre Jung Ji Hoon !!

    J’espère seulement que tout ceci va s’arrêter , pour le bien de Notre Rain !!
    C’est bien qu’il puisse tournée un film avec Bruce Willis à ce moment là , cela va lui permettre de pensée à autre chose .


    • Loose translation:

      I totally agree with Mina and Stephe.
      It is just jealous talk from critics of Rain!
      I do not know who’s after him now, but let him live his life.
      An ordinary citizen, indeed. They should provide their name. How nice to be able to drag the name of a celebrity into the mud, but yours is not known. It should be, so that when you go out into the street, it could be said, “Ha! This is the man who has made a complaint against Jung Ji Hoon!”

      I just hope that all this will stop, for the sake of Our Rain!
      This film with Bruce Willis will allow him to think about something else.

      Posted by Lyly93230
      (Translated by Terri :-})


    • J’espère que ça s’arrête trop, Lyly, le plus tôt sera le mieux. Ça fait si longtemps, ça me rend malade à mon estomac.

      I hope it stops too, Lyly, the sooner the better. It’s been going on so long, it makes me sick to my stomach.


      Stephe ^@@^


  2. What the hell is wrong with people like the ordinary person A citizen!!!!! How can you sue a person for something that did not have anything to do with you directly or indirectly,WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain paid for his minor mistake he made while in the military. Yes he broke the military rules but what he did was so minor. He was cleared of not having anything to do with the massage palor scandal. He was not one of the military men caught on video tape at the palor. I do not mean to offend anyone but some people not all in Korea are crazy as hell!!!!!! I do believe there is someone working in the background always that has it out for Rain. It can be one person or several people behind this. But they are definitely always trying to bring Rain down. It is just too much of a concidence that a lot of times when Rain has something good going on. Some stupid bad news comes out. All the crazy fools need to leave him alone already!!!!!!!!!!


    • I agree with you Flower 100%. This person or persons is just not getting it. Rain is about to truly “blow up” career wise Outside of the Asian (specifically Korean) landscape. This @ss backwards, nit picking BS makes Korea (in general) look stupid as hell to the rest of the world. Who puts this kind of time and energy into ruining a celebrity. Who? and the bigger question Why? Not to diminish Rain, but in the grand scheme of life and careers he just sings, dances and he acts. Don’t think he has the cure for cancer. So why is it so important to ruin THIS particular celebrity?

      Honestly, this makes no damned sense to thinking people. Did Rain give away some trade secrets? Did he tear up somebody’s lotto numbers??….or what? My goodness……LOL!


      • @bia I love your complete comment but this stands out

        “Honestly, this makes no damned sense to thinking people.”

        You said it exactly rite thinking people. These people are not sane and thinking rite, they are off of their crazy a$$ mind!!!!!!! I could never be a celebrity in Korea for sure no offense to anyone!!!!!


  3. Okay this is just wack as hell! First off this citizen A has a name and if his butt is bold enough to do this dumb
    @ss crap he should be man enough to have his name printed.(just saying).

    South Korea REALLY?!😳this makes no sense….

    Jihoon I know you love your country and yes why should you leave because someone has major hate for you? And to answer my own question, peace of mind. Love you Jihoon and clouds will always back you my brotha🙌 Muah😘💪


  4. This would be straight up comedy if it wasn’t just so, so sad and Completely Pathetic. It’s like a husband or a wife who won’t leave after the divorce is final and move on with their lives. I don’t know what one celebrity could possibly have done to whomever for this person(s) to keep dogging his every move. It’s SICK….it’s Mental. This fixation to keep trying to destroy Rain is to the point where somebody needs to seek some help. Rain is not the president of Korea, he’s not creating political policies (is he? I don’t think so). What is it about Rain? This goes way beyond some celebrity _hit. It’s probably something so simple and childlike that maybe/possibly Rain did inadvertently to someone and didn’t even know he offended the nut case and the nut case refuses to let it go. That would make it even more pathetic.

    I agree with you Stephe as much as I “love” Rain, if it was me, ain’t no way in holy hell I would be a celebrity in Korea. They couldn’t print enough money for me. The public (to a certain degree) actually “owns” you over there, even more so than those hard core management companies. I couldn’t do it. A civilian filing a frivolous law suit AND they have nerve to actually investigate it?? Crazy…………………….


  5. There is something very strange about this story?. someone with power in the Korean media, wants at all costs to bring rain to the orca. I smell a man of great power and jealous … “think wrong and you will succeed”


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