[article] Rain shows off his undiminished popularity at the 2013 MAMA.

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You know what I’m about to say, right? Yeah, you do.

Of course it’s undiminished. Only utter fools, netizens with hamsters for brains, and the Well His Career Is Over Now Chorus would have thought that anything that happened this year would undo ALL that Rain has accomplished for South Korea in eleven years. Y’all were mean as hell and talked and talked B.S. until the cows came home. Now, aren’t your faces tight? ^@@^


Newsen 11/23/2013 —

Rain showed off his undiminished popularity at 2013 MAMA. The crowd went wild in Hong Kong


Rain declared his comeback to the music industry.

2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter referred to as 2013 MAMA) were given out at Hong Kong Asia World Expo (AWE) on November 22nd.

Coming on the local music scene for the first time since his discharge from the army while the awards were broadcast live on television, Rain showed off his undiminished popularity with his splendid performance and remarkable live singing. On the day, Rain officially announced his comeback to the domestic music industry, scheduled for next January 6th.

Meanwhile, this year 2013 MAMA celebrated its 5th year, bringing the house down while there were more than 10,000 people squashed into the show by featuring top stars such as Stevie Wonder, who is a maestro of pop music, Paris Hilton, Ylvis, Icona Pop, Aaron Kwok, Big Bang, EXO, 2NE1, Lee Hyo-lee, Trouble Maker, Rain, Girls’ Generation, Busker Busker, etc.

The MAMA was broadcast live on the television screens of 15 countries – Australia, Malaysia. Macau, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, U.S.A, Japan, Vietnam, etc. – with a worldwide television audience estimated at 2.4 billion from five continents with 93 countries.

◇2013 MAMA winners list.

▲ Song of The Year = ‘Jo Yong-pil’s ‘Bounce’
▲ Album of The Year = Exo’s ‘XOXO’
▲ Singer of The Year = G-Dragon
▲ The Best Male Group = Infinite
▲ The Best Female Group = Girls’ Generation
▲ The Top Male Vocalist = Big Bang’s G-Dragon
▲ The Top Female Vocalist = Lee Hyo-lee
▲ The Best Male Rookie = Roy Kim
▲ The Best Female Rookie = Crayon Pop
▲ Discovery of The Year = Bae Chi-gy
▲ NISSAN JUKE Best Music Video = G-Dragon’s Coup
▲ The Best Male Solo Dance Performance = G-Dragon
▲ The Best Female Solo Dance Performance = CL
▲ The Best Male Group Dance Performance = SHINee
▲ The Best Female Group Dance Performance = SISTAR
▲ The Best Band Performance = Busker Busker.
▲ The Best Rap Perperamce = Dynamic Duo
▲ The Best Male Vocal Performance = Lee Seung-ki
▲ The Best Female Vocal Performance = Ailee
▲ The Best Concert Performance = Lee Seung-cheol
▲ The Best Asian Artist China = Aaron Kwok
▲ International Favorite Artist = Ylvis
▲ Style In Music = SISTAR
▲ Next Generation Global Star = A Pink
▲ Sony MDR Worldwide Performer = Infinite

Credit to Newsen : http://news.nate.com/view/20131123n03660
English translation by 화니

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6 Responses to “[article] Rain shows off his undiminished popularity at the 2013 MAMA.”

  1. Love our RainRain!!!


  2. the hamters CITIZENS put their heads in the ground when they saw that they could not with the king. I would call the Roadrunner rain bi bi bi bi always comes out triumphant. hahahahahahahahaha


  3. “Y’all were mean as hell and talked and talked B.S. until the cows came home” haha yes! yesterday was the moment of truth.


  4. that’s right! ^^


  5. He KILLED it! I was a crying mess while watching his performance…let me tell ya. Lol.


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