Tweets abound: Yes, we have died and gone to heaven because of The Fabulous Seven.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The gist of what suave SooBong is saying seems to be that they got out of their hotel safely, and that they all were a bit nervous. I’ll bet they were! The MAMAs were a whole different animal than any other show they’ve done since Rain got out of the Army! #serioussh*t

Thanks for sharing the picture, Ko. Y’all looking sharp! ๐Ÿ™‚

(Image and tweet credit: Ko SooBong @Twitter / @photnui, 11/22/2013)



~ by Cloud USA on November 22, 2013.

25 Responses to “Tweets abound: Yes, we have died and gone to heaven because of The Fabulous Seven.”

  1. JMHO.

    I think that sometimes we forget that we are Western, looking through our Americanized filter at someone who isn’t. Many fans expect Rain to act and look and think Western 24/7 when the guy was born Asian, raised Asian, thinks Asian, and lives in the East. That’s who he is at his core, with the additional layers of his personality born of other cultures as the gravy.

    The dude loves him some fashion but only wears what he likes, and is extremely picky about what he wears on stage. He’s never been one to just “go along for the sake of things” and as a result his fashion sense has always been multi-layered and multi-cultural with some of everything, as it should be. Men’s shorts (for adults) and capris are popular in Asia right now. We just saw that a few months ago at Asian fall fashion week in Singapore, way before Rain and Aaron Kwok showed up in them Friday, remember? Even MCM’s new lines have shorts for adult men in casual and business wear, blazers and all. And we know how much he digs MCM.

    I’m not saying everyone should love everything Rain wears. That’s not realistic. Everyone’s entitled to their feelings. I’m just saying that folks should be used to Rain’s tastes in clothing after all this time and why is it such a surprise. You would think he’d come out with his whole head dyed a crayon color or wearing a full fox costume by some of the nasty things I’ve read out there. (There’s not a big outcry or anything like that, just the usual dumbkovs who never say anything good about him anyway, who cares. The general consensus is that he pulled off a win.)

    When he comes to America, he westernizes himself, and I’m good with that. When he’s in Asia, I expect an Asian guy to be Asian-minded most of the time. Which is not a bad thing. We’re just different. Just sayin.

    (My pet peeves: Hats the size of a thimble, huge polka dots, and seersucker. Aish! But I get through it. I don’t have a choice. kekekeke^_~)

    Stephe ^@@^

    P.S. I’m dying to know what he’s going to wear on the cover and in promo pics for the new album, and what the theme’s going to be (Rain falling again)…


    • Stephe, I can’t speak for other Clouds only me, myself and you know me. I have watched way too many K-dramas and K-pop videos to be phased by Asian taste in fashion and what they consider popular. Everything Bi had on may be popular over there indeed right now. This is where we may agree to disagree. Asian or not, his personal taste or not, I didn’t like the shorts. Looking through all 4 of my Western eyes via Southeast Texas……SMILES. However, I did say that I didn’t even mind the pink jacket (*not even trying to debate men in pink….I offer NO opinions there*). I have long since come to the conclusion that Asian men will always be prettier and more coiffed and wear more eyeliner than most females in most other parts of the world. I Totally, 100% get it. It’s Their culture.

      I didn’t like that big polka dot shirt he wore that time and I said so then too and this time is no different. Now, if Bi is/was offended by me talking about those shorts, then hit me up dude. Send me an email, tell me about it, call me out….it’s Ok. Hey, I’ve been given unsolicited opinions on my own fashion choices a time or two over the years, so I’ve been there myself too. *SMILES*………………………

      I won’t talk about his clothes any more… least not in public.


  2. I’m still debating myself if i like those shorts with leggings or not. I got shocked and speechless just with the outfit!!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ฒ


    • LOL! Well, if you’re having to debate, yely, that usually means that no, you don’t like them, hehe. ๐Ÿ˜› And that’s okay. Nothing wrong with that.

      I did notice that some other performers were wearing shorts similar to that as well, so obviously it’s popular and the style over there when it comes to celebs right now, like that pointed beanie cap…

      It’s not an outfit I would have picked for him. But goodness gracious, if anyone could make that look work, from head to toe, it was him! I was enthralled from the moment he appeared, as was the live audience, and I couldn’t have cared less if he was wearing a potato sack, LOL!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Hey, don’t feel bad. I didn’t like the shorts either. They came off…well quite frankly a little too youthful (*IMHO*). Too me Bi is past that stage. I can understand wanting to be “on trend” when it comes to fashion, especially being a performer. However, Bi and his crew are Grown Men and the shorts with the tights…seemed a little too Teeny bop. BUT when the singing and the dancing started. Shorts….what shorts?? He had on shorts??


    • The main reason I didn’t care for the shorts is, Bi has already graduated himself to Grown Man status (i.e., the Esquire mag photo shoot) because that’s what he is. You don’t have to fit in with tweens and teens Bi. I think at this phase in your career, it’s now time for folks to meet you where You are.

      Still “love” you Honey Love and you did awesome on the MAMAs! *SMILES*………………………….


  3. Gosh, he was GORGEOUS. And when he finally glanced at the camera during that first close-up and gave it his game face… *THUD* *flat-lined* *I’ve fallen and I can’t get up* @____@

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Rain’s outfit really gave me a laugh. I was speechless when i saw his shorts and legging(?). Anyway, i totally loved loved the performances and the ending video.d


  5. I’m smiling from ear to ear


  6. So beautiful !!!handsome !!!


  7. They Rocked the house! I was very proud๐Ÿ˜˜


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    If you missed it, what a show our Rain put on!

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  9. I am laughing at all the comments because they were my thoughts exactly. My daughter said that, during the performance, she saw my eyes light up and my smile deepened. ^.^


  10. Oh and Paris Hilton??………..really. LOL!! (*ok, ok…..I’ll be nice*)


  11. Gosh, y’all, I really, really felt for Rain and the guys when it came to this show, more so than any other this year. I’ll tell you why.

    Not putting down Sonic Bang, or the fan meet, or the performances in China, not at all, but the truth of the matter is he could hit the stage in any of those performances wearing whatever the heck, it didn’t matter, sing a little bit, dance a little bit, do a little walking around the stage and give the audience a little bit of charisma and call it a day, and everyone would have LOVED it because who cares, it was RAIN. Which they did.

    But the MAMAs, with all his colleagues in their sharpest outfits and tearing up the stage with their best performances, the cream of the crop from Korea, the upper echelon of Korean entertainment, the young bucks who all set the bar by him, and their fans? AND with that Man of the Moment comeback trailer to be shown right after him? Huh. He knew he had to be not only completely on point but SPECTACULAR. Dazzling. And that nothing could go wrong, or else.

    Heck, he even hit the Hip Song split way up in the air on that platform. When was the last time you saw him do that?

    I felt horrible when Busker Busker and Stevie Wonder (who came out before Rain did) had sound problems and bad mics. I knew poor Rain had to be sweating bullets backstage and thinking “Oh, hell, not that. Not. The. Sound!” (But everything turned out great.)

    I’ll bet it’s like a weight off of their shoulders that that’s over! I know I’m glad it is.


    Stephe ^@@^


    • I get what you’re saying. The MAMAs is like our Grammys, so I completely understand. It’s the show where you are judged by fans and your peers alike. Everybody “sizing” everybody up. *SMILES* I can imagine Bi felt like everybody wants to see if he’s still got it. I want to tell him, did you really doubt yourself Baby boo? Never doubt, Honey Love. First of all, you are only 31 come on now…you are just getting your groove back and actually you are really just getting started that’s all. You are young yet my dear. Besides, the young-er bloods in the audience want to be where you are. When they can boast about being among the most influential people in the World (not just Asia) then that might be saying something. They WANT to hop on the Rain Train……believe that.

      What I love about shows like that is when the camera pans the celebs in the audience and you get that quick “real deal” facial expression Before the celeb realizes they are on camera. Love that. You can’t hide baby. LOL!!

      I did also enjoy seeing the young bloods giving Stevie his props and I liked how they enjoyed his performance from the audience. It’s always a Good thing to “recognize” the elder statesmen of your business/craft. They are the ones who set the stage before you and deserve the respect. Also, it shows that if you take your craft seriously you will get to be in your 50’s and beyond still performing for audiences. Loved that moment.


    • The man was truly mesmerizing. And…..the tease of his reality show was the best. Can’t wait for that.


    • I swear I wasn’t breathing when I saw him appear. Not because I was worried, but because he was so gorgeous. Breathtaking. What an image.

      But like you, Stephe, I also wondered how he felt. It had to be so scary standing up there, not knowing what the reaction to him would be after all this time. He shouldn’t have worried at all. They love him.

      What is it with the MAMAs and their sound issues? Good grief. I did note that he had some kind of ear monitor issue. At first, I thought the right one had fallen out of his ear, but then when he vanished and popped back up onstage, it was gone completely. I knew then that he was having trouble with it. Several other acts had trouble with theirs too.

      Oh, and a Rain reality show? Finally a “reality” show I might actually watch–if they give us a chance, that is. LOL. There is hope, though, since MAMA2013 was livestreamed on MNet America. *crossing my fingers and toes*

      Terri :-}


  12. Nervous??……not from what I saw. Baby Bi and “Le Fabulous Ones” showed the “youngins” how Grown @ss Men do it baby!!…..and IN his pink jacket too! (*what did the song say…………..”Rain is Back!*). Master showman indeed…….don’t “hurt” us too bad Honey Love. *SMILES*……………………….

    Believe that!


    • Well, you know how that goes. Once they hit that stage and the Game Face is on, everything else is left behind. Yussss. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Stephe ^@2^


      • Yes m’am indeed. He was just “playing to the camera”……I found myself talking back to the screen. I had to tell him to “stop it” (as the old Southern church ladies would say……”Stop showing out”).

        My Southern Clouds get that last statement. It’s all good though! *SMILES*


    • I could tell he was a little nervous. He was just a little too tentative with his fan service. He was trying a little too hard.

      Not that I minded. LOL. And that SPLIT! Good Lord. When I saw that all I could think was: OMO YOUR BACK! Lord have mercy. LOL.

      Oh, well, maybe he didn’t really go down all the way. He was after all way up there, and we couldn’t see everything, right?

      Terri :-}


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