[article] From Stephe’s desk: Of 2013 ZEPP Tour songs and the latest (stupid) lawsuit news.


Hi ho, dear Clouds and Rain fans! Stephe here.

Story of Rain: 2013 Rain ZEPP Tour songs:

After cross-checking between a Japanese source (minew22’s Twitter) and a Korean source (qmpqmpqmpqmpqmp’s Naver blog), I believe I’ve come up with an English rundown of the songs as they happen on Rain’s 2013 ZEPP stage.

Here is my list:

1. Rainism
2. Na
3. Touch Ya
4. Bad Guy
5. Instead of Saying Goodbye
6. You Know
7. Familiar Face
8. Love Song
9. One
10. I Love You Again
11. Escaping The Sun
12. Hip Song
13. You
14. With U
15. Fresh Woman
16. I Do
17. My Girl
18. Love Is
19. I’m Coming
20. It’s Raining
21. To You
22. Instead of Saying Goodbye (Encore)

Awesome! Favorites, favorites, and more favorites. 🙂 — Stephe ^@@^


What we think of this latest Rain lawsuit news:


Folks are just wack (my favorite word! LOL). Same song, different day.

The courts have already said that Rain should have been paid rent for the time they were his tenant in his building, and that he’s not at fault for their negligence or damages. They have already been told to pay him and been fined for defaming Rain’s character in very nasty ways when their lawsuit was thrown out, and told to stop their lies and Tomfoolery. How many more times do they need to hear it? No means NO, ma’am. If the courts had ruled in your favor, I wouldn’t hold it against you. But the court already said no. (*NOTE: It says in all the news stories that complainant Park is a man. As I understand it, it’s a pissed-off 59-year-old woman. If they’re trying to make her “anonymous”, they have not done a good job. Just saying.)

You would think Rain has a target painted on his back, what with all the ne’er-do-wells that have come out of the woodwork and been told NO over and over again by the courts during his career. Sheesh. It’s like watching a flippin’ K-drama.

Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do than think up reasons to sue this guy? For the love of all things kimchi, go get your life, live it well, and leave him alone.

(Y’all had to know something like this was coming, though, as soon as the “Rain and Clouds feed 53,000 children and warm people’s hearts” story hit. The Korean Media can’t stand for good Rain news to sit for long without being immediately followed up by bad. It’s tradition. Heh.)

— Stephe ^@@^



KOFAN.com 11/20/2013 — by jihoson22

Rain to take aggressive legal action against man who won’t leave his property

Singer Rain, who recently got into a legal conflict with his tenant designer Park, has decided to take aggressive legal actions against the designer for accusations that had no evidence.

On November 19th a spokesman for Cube DC, Rain’s agency, stated “The tenant has refused to pay Rain the rent payment and has refused Rain’s request for him to move out and has made unsupported statements in order to ruin Rain’s image”…

» You can read this article in its entirety on the KOFAN news site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on November 21, 2013.

7 Responses to “[article] From Stephe’s desk: Of 2013 ZEPP Tour songs and the latest (stupid) lawsuit news.”

  1. You’re quite welcome Stephe, glad to help keep us Clouds in the know. It’s Friday night and I am watching the MAMA awards. Fast forwarding to RainRain and then Stevie Wonder. Take care all


  2. Hey Terri, , I was thinking the same thing when I read it on Allkpop. You want to rent, first thing you do is check out everything. This why I sent the site to you and Stephe. I thought the Clouds should know what RainRain is still going threw


  3. Lord help me. Let me ask the most obvious question that no one seems to have asked. Who in the hell doesn’t check for leaks or flooding issues before they put an ART GALLERY in a space they are renting. Seriously, this woman doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb in the lamp.

    Terri :-}


    • You know when I was a pre-teen my grandparents had some rental property. I got to witness up close the good, the bad and the ugly of what it meant to be a landlord. After my grandfather’s passing, my grandmother took over the duties of the property. I remember (as if it was yesterday) one of her “problem” tenants. The scenario I liken to Rain’s situation (in part). My grandmother’s tenant never paid her rent on time and there was always something that had to be repaired. Needless to say, my grandmother got fed up and gave the woman notice to leave. This woman did the same thing….”dug in her heels” and wouldn’t go quietly. See this is the part where things are done a tad bit differently in the U.S. My grandmother called The LAW (the county sheriff) and they got that woman the hell out. Of course, the woman left the place in utter disrepair, but my grandma got her out of there.

      If you give people chance after chance and they still try to screw you over, then you are well within your legal rights to kick them the hell out. So long as you do it in the right and proper fashion (by giving them notification with an ample amount of time). Rain is within his rights as a landlord and I’m sure this case will go in his favor as well. He always handles his business properly, I’m sure this time is no different.


  4. Je suis d’accord avec ses titres mais il manque Love Story et Not a single day !
    Surtout Not a single day c’est une de mes préférer LOL ^_-

    Quand au reste je pense que les média on besoin d’un os à ronger , et bien qu’ils en trouvent un autre , et qu’il laisse Notre Rain en paix !!

    Ps : Je veux bien par contre , être une locataire de Rain , et aller lui payer le loyer en personne LOL !!


  5. GOD but annoying is this lady two years, with the same never-ending story.


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